Health: Are you feeling puffy? Eat Asparagus!!!

baby asparagus I am seriously, and quite oddly SO in love with the asparagus in our garden right now! I mean, we have tons of other veggies, but I just want to hang out by the asparagus for some reason! They are so FREAKING cute when they break ground! (OMG, I'm dorkishly giddy right now just writing about it) They are white when they come up and then quickly turn purple and then shoot, I mean shoot up tall very quickly, just ready to be eaten!

asparagus crowns

Did you have any idea that it takes 3 years for young roots to mature before you can actually eat them?! These are the things my bf is teaching me. He planted the asparagus crowns (a pic of the newly planted crowns above) years ago but it's only been the last 2 springs that we could harvest them! Maybe that's why I think they're so special?! That, and the fact that they will only be available to eat for a few weeks or so, then we have to wait til next year! :(

asparagus breaking ground

(look at the little baby farthest to the left! and then the one slightly bigger to the right, then the tallest and then shorter it just me or is this just too cute?!)

But that's why it's SO COOL to eat with the seasons and to be growing your own food! You actually sync up with what nature has in store for your wellbeing! Hello!

According to Ayurveda, and obviously seasonal, local eating practices, asparagus is here to detoxify us and fill us with the bright prana of chlorophyll!! The health benefits are endless, and just what our bodies need after a long winter of hardy root vegetables to lighten us up and brighten us up!

It helps reduce water retention and gives our pee that funny smell because it's a natural diuretic. It cleanses our blood and soothes inflammation too! All of which makes it the perfect food to eat for Kapha doshas, and one to not indulge in too much if you're a dominant vata dosha. Please read this article for more about it's amazing goodness!

harvesting asparagus

To harvest asparagus, we dig about 2inches below the ground and cut with a knife. It doesn't get fresher than this and obviously makes me ridiculously happy!

Enjoy it by either steaming it and squeezing a lemon over it, or roasting it with sea salt and olive oil. YUM!

I hope you get to enjoy some asparagus while it's in season!