Hair: Humid Hair Help for Curly Girls!

Holy Humid Hair Hideousness this past week! What was up with the moisture in the air on the Cape? It's May, not July, weather!

This humidity wasn't like the heavy blanket we get in the dead of summer, oh no, it was more like the 'marine layer' we used to get when I lived in L.A. ~ just severe moisture build up and fog, which is essentially like standing in a steam room just cringing, waiting and knowing that your hair is growing and unbelievably frizzy.

The reason why, is that the moisture breaks up the styling product in our hair leaving us without any control! EEk! Obviously, doing Deep Treatments helps combat this, and is the key and foundation to your curls performing at their best, but sometimes there's just no hope in these situations...

My hair looked like something I've never seen before (pictured above) ~ all of my baby hairs coiled up around my face and the long curls basically looked like dreads. I couldn't do a single thing with it! I wore it in a high pony but that just made me look like I did in my worst days of high school horror! So, when my boyfriend asked if I wanted to go out to dinner, I said, "I can't go anywhere looking like this!" (Which is obviously absurd behavior to anyone else who doesn't have curly hair.)

I sometimes refine my curls with a curling iron in situations like these (shhh, don't tell Ouidad) which I will show you in a future video someday soon, but this time I relied on my 'do I used while in the caribbean this past winter.

curly bun

It's super easy and can look quite polished, trendy, cool, or edgy depending on how you spin it. It's really just a bun, but a curly bun is always cooler! The key is the deep side part!

*Here's why: The only hope for our hair is the hair that hasn't been exposed on the outer most layer. We gotta dig into the interior of the hair and pull that over (much like a bad comb over on a bald man) the frizz, to let that come forward ;).*

How to (Please pardon the appearance;)

curly side part

Take your side part starting at the middle of one of your eyebrows and draw a line straight back. Now, part your hair. You've just created a new part with the underlying hair on top of the frizzy stuff.

Here is one of the only times you will comb your curls with your fingers, pulling and smoothing it into a low ponytail.

curly pony

You can rock it a little to the side at this point, and kind of pull on the crown area to give it a little bump and edge, and let the pony come over your shoulder. You could even braid it into a boho style, or you can make it look like a textured bun like I did.

curly bun

Just coil the pony around the hair elastic and pin with bobby pins to secure. You can finish it more so by smoothing some pomade or serum over the surface to lock down that halo of frizz! Ouidad's clear control pomade or frizz fighting spray work great!

The cool thing about curly hair is that all the texture that's in there looks like a set that a straight girl would have to work hours to achieve with a blow dryer and curling iron. This look literally takes about 1 minute.

Put on some bold earrings and doll up those eyes, and you're good to go. I'm sure I'll be relying on this one a lot this summer, and I hope this helps you too!

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You go Curl!