Happiness Is: Planting an Herb Garden

Herb Garden If you haven't realized yet from my previous posts, I'm spending most of my free time getting into the gardening world of growing our own food, by way of my boyfriend's expertise, and it's SO awesome! There's nothing fresher than picking your veggies and eating them straight away! Not to mention it's like meditation in action ~ connecting me to the whole of life, love and creation! I feel like it should be doctors orders if you're looking to de-stress and live more peacefully. A prescription of yoga, meditation and gardening should clear up any dis-ease!!! ;)

If you're new to this world like I am, you may find it helpful to check out these simple tips for creating an herb garden. I had an herb garden on my patio when I lived in L.A. years ago and I feel it's the first step in the direction of growing your own food to inspire you and connect you to the process of it all.

Herb Garden

First off, decide which herbs you want to grow. Some we have been growing by seed and others we bought as little seedlings at Matt's Organic Farms in Dennisport. We have a few different varieties of rosemary, oregano, parsley, thyme, lemon verbena, basil, mint, sage, chives, and cilantro.

Herb Garden

Planting them in planters is fun and easy, but first block the hole at the bottom with a rock to help drain out the water, but keep the soil from coming out, and preventing pockets of air that can cause molding.

Herb Garden

Next, add your potting soil to the pot (organic, obvi, like pictured below, bought at New Farms in Orleans) and create a hole to transfer your seedlings. Make sure to break up the roots at the bottom by pulling them apart in an outward direction so that when you place it in the soil the roots are already spreading out and connecting to the soil.

Then, cover the soil with a handful of compost to benefit the roots by slowly releasing food into the soil.

Organic Compost

Finally, give them a dense watering and leave it for a few days to dry out so the roots have time to spread out and grow before you water again.

That's it!

Super easy and super fun! Herbs make every dish sing!!! Have fun!