Finding True Love

Current Quarterly I can hardly wait to write about this topic of finding true love! As many of you probably know by now, I have found my one true love, and we are celebrating one year together, today!!! :) <3

It's hard to believe that one year ago today, I was having lunch with a friend before the photo shoot that would change my life (magazine page pic from above), talking about how I felt like I was going to meet someone soon. Little did I know, I would meet that certain someone in just a few hours! I'm telling you, all the cliches are true ~ 'you know when you know', 'it happens when you least expect it', and 'timing is everything'.

I knew the moment I saw him and shook his hand. I can still feel that feeling as if it were yesterday. It was like there was a glow surrounding him, and us, I felt an undeniable pull towards him, but on a very subtle level. It was a calm knowing. That's how it works. You really do know when you know. There's no questioning, no game playing, no censoring who you are, just a seamless connection of 2 souls mirroring one another.

I had been single for 3 years before I met Paul. I was feeling really discouraged about how and when I was going to meet that special someone. I had been doing all the things I was supposed to ~ practicing self care and self love, but it still felt like it was taking forever, and I questioned whether I should be doing something else, something more.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself those few years though. I traveled to Spain, to Mexico, England and France, I did all my weird self care practices on my own, I spent time with friends and family and worked on my business. I truly believe that you have to do all the things that you love, because the more you do, the more love you fill in your heart, the more happiness you feel, and the more you manifest more of that into your life.

The other half of that is to find your hidden blocks to love. Figure out your patterns of what you keep attracting into your life and find that common denominator. For me, I realized through Landmark Education, my life coaching sessions, many books and resources, and the lessons I learned as I was working on my meditation practice, that I subconsciously didn't believe that love relationships worked out, that I didn't accept or love myself completely, and that I didn't feel like I was worthy or deserving of love. These were deeply rooted in my subconscious, but the more I discovered them, the more I was able to shift them.

I started affirming that I was deserving of love everyday in my meditation practice, I did my meditation practice religiously, and I kept on falling in love with my  life I was creating which all led me to the most perfect man for me.  But here's the thing, we came into each other's lives when the time was right. We both had to have the time to ourselves to nurture our souls and raise our vibration to love. If I had known what was to come, I would have kept on doing what I had been doing but without the worry of whether I was on the right path. If I could've told myself anything from the future, I would say, "Trust your path and enjoy every day doing what you love, there's no need to worry, the best really is yet to come!!!"

I tell my single friends to take each challenge or set back as an opportunity to learn a lesson. The more you gain awareness, the more you can elevate that to love. Give it to God. Let it go. Re-train your subconscious thought patterns by using mantras of love towards yourself. Believe that you ARE worthy of a loving, happy, harmonious relationship. The more you say it, the more your subconscious mind will believe it.

I remember saying to myself after a few weeks of dating, that, 'if anything, this gives me hope.' I really want my single friends to believe that you are getting closer and closer to your true love. You are. Trust me. Just look for the lesson so you can flip what you're projecting to the universe!

Everything comes to us in Divine timing and order. Paul came to me exactly when I was ready. I remember wondering why I was still single, but now I can look back and know that I wasn't truly ready.

I will tell you this though, I had a distinct feeling when I moved into my apartment last May, that I was going to meet someone soon. I even said a prayer that first night asking for that special person to come into my life. I also clearly remember telling my mother one week before I met Paul, that I was ready for a relationship. She said, I'd really like that for you too, and I said, well, pray for me mom. And she did. That was my declaration to the universe. I clearly asked for what my heart desired, and I got what I asked for ~ the perfect yang to my yin ;).

When you're ready, you will know, and if you've found yourself single for awhile, you're probably not really ready yet, and that's okay. Dedicate this time to finding yourself, to loving yourself and to forgiving and accepting all of you.

In the meantime, I think this is a great resource for finding love, because it will ONLY come to you when you cultivate self-love and have moved through your blocks. I highly suggest you download the audio/video and do the workbook exercises. It seems to be the compilation of all the things I worked on in different mediums!

Keep the faith alive! The 3 principles of faith are: if it comes to you, it's from God. If it's from God then it's good for you. If it's good for you, what is the lesson.

The man of your dreams is waiting for you, you just have to open your heart and align with your true self and life's calling.