Supplements for YOUR Health and Vitality

My supplements There are so many ways to go when it comes to taking supplements! Do you feel overwhelmed with which ones to take? Welcome to the club!

Supplements are meant to supplement your diet with vitamins and minerals you're not getting with food, so turn to food first for keeping your body healthy, but keep in mind that our bodies don't always absorb these nutrients based on so many things ~ how we eat, when we eat and what our body composition is made up of, to name a few. Not to mention that we are living in a toxic world, and are all stressed out, which taxes our systems and the ability to properly function!

There are so many approaches when deciding which supplements to take for YOU, right now (it will always change/evolve based on where you are in the present moment with your health).

For instance, I used to take a B12 vitamin because I wasn't eating meat a few years ago, but now I do, and I don't feel it's necessary anymore. Just like when I was having digestive difficulties, I would take a Vata digest pill, and drink aloe vera gel, but I"m not dealing with that anymore either. I used to also take Shatavari to promote healthy menstrual cycles, but that's all taken care of now too, so it appears my supplement list is dwindling down. :)

Right now I take: Probiotics (for healthy bacterial flora in the gut), Vitamin D3, gingko (for brain/spine), turmeric (to counteract any inflammation) and magnesium (for my musculo-skeletal system).

Based on what I've learned, I believe everyone should consider taking a daily fish oil, Vitamin D3, and a probiotic. These seem to be at the cornerstone of good health, along with your daily greens to alkalize and reduce inflammation in the body. If you're not getting them with food, Vitamineral Greens or Greens First or Core Greens are a great source!

Your health and your immune system start in your gut, so that's why probiotics are important. I recommend checking out Dr. Junger's website/books for info on a healthy gut.  There's some really amazing info there, and also a list of the supplements he recommends!

I also recommend customizing your regimen based on your Blood Type and your Ayurvedic Constitution. There are specific things your particular body composition can benefit from versus someone else, also things you should avoid too!

In ayurvedic practices, you can  address any health challenge by dealing with the root cause, and there are supplements to help with that, along with diet. I suggest taking your dosha quiz and finding out which supplements can support you where you are now.

I hope this helps you all!

In good health,