Another Way to Stay Cool in Summer

Rosewater Rosewater to the Rescue!!!

Is anyone else sweltering in this outrageous heat?! Maybe it's just my Pitta nature, but I have been experiencing a major increase in being 'pitta provoked', aka an imbalance in my pitta dominant dosha. This is all Ayurveda speak in case you were wondering, which is the study of life from a yoga perspective. Simply put, the doshas correlate to the seasons, one of them being summer / pitta.

When pitta is 'provoked', it gets really hot and bothered, becomes sharp and intense and is in need of some cool, sweet, restorative calmness!

There are many ways to stay cool in the summer, which you can read in my last post here, but I've added this delightful tip too! Go buy yourself some rosewater and spray it all over your body, put it in your body oil, or in an aromatherapy diffuser and bask in the sweet softness! You can even try this recipe which I plan on doing soon too, to make a Rosewater Limeade!

Stay Cool (try this other tip), and Spray Rosewater this Summer!