Why the First Thing you Do in the Morning is SO Important

the seed There is a SEED in everything that's created. Each day we have a blank slate, an opportunity to create anything that we want, so why not make it the most beautiful flower, the best tasting fruit possible?

For instance, if I eat a muffin for breakfast, I will likely make poorer food choices throughout the course of the day. If I turn on my computer first thing in the morning and check my email, I am instantly setting myself to have emotional set backs by not giving to myself first. If I sleep in too late, I will be lethargic and lazy all day.

Conversely, if I have a glass of hot water with lemon after tongue scraping and brushing my teeth, my body is gently cleansed and ready to invite in the desire for nourishing foods. Maybe I'll start my day with oatmeal, a smoothie, or ezekiel toast with avocado or almond butter, and I will likely feel great throughout the day and make good food choices.

Instead of turning on the computer or dialing into my smartphone first thing in the morning, which can create chaos or emotional turmoil, I can choose to set the tone I want for the day to feel at peace and in harmony by getting outside and going for a walk. You may choose to sit in meditation and do breathing exercises or practice yoga or any other type of exercise as well. Either way, you're 'feel good vibes' will radiate with you throughout the course of the day rather than feeling like you're just trying to 'keep up' or 'get through' the day.

According to Ayurveda studies, we should be out of bed by 6am. For me, it's more like 8am, but it definitely shouldn't be past 10am! The hours from 6-10am are the Kapha dosha time where we feel the heavy weight of the earth's energy. That's why it's best to get up and out before that weight bears down on us and makes it harder! If we endure that weight, it will drag around with us all day making us less productive and prone to emotional drama. For me, I get really groggy and weird if I lay in bed too long ~ I have strange dreams and experience that 'swimming' feeling which is the influence of the water element also associated with Kapha. I find that even though I sleep til 8, going for a walk or exercising, or practicing yoga before 10 still combats that heavy energy, so it's best to get moving early on!

I've been following my fellow Naam Yoga teacher and friend on her youtube channel and loved her video talking about planting the SEED for your day with words of affirmations. If the first thing you say is "Today is a Great Day', so it will be. Once you start becoming mindful to how you co-create in your life, you will be excited to wake up and see what you are capable of experiencing! Do you want to have joy, love and peace, or chaos, emotional rollercoaster rides and stress? It's up to you, so set your intentions clearly in what you say and what you do.

I hope these tips help you. There are so many self care practices that can be adapted into your life to create more love and peace, but just take it one day at a time. See how your world starts to shift in no time! Read the Formula for Success Starts with the Seed for more understanding on these energetic planetary influences.