Best Burgers in Cape Cod

the knack, cape cod The Knack in Orleans is the coolest new(ish) scene on Cape! It's super hip, has an awesome design/brand, and is right on trend with sourcing local, high quality ingredients to serve up great food, FAST!

Their mission: "We created the knack with one purpose in mind: to share the food that we grew up with, the food that hits the spot after a day at the beach, the food that defines summers on Cape Cod."

I'm a sucker for a clear intention to serve a  higher purpose within the community. It's always so apparent when that person/brand/business is aligned with their life's calling because they are happy, and it shows in everything they do and create! It uplifts us as consumers and graces us with so much light and love just by being there to enjoy the fruits of their labor!

I appreciate anybody, especially restaurants, who bring forth something that we as a community, and for the whole of humanity can benefit from! They are living out their gifts and talents in accordance with what my Spiritual Master says is our purpose here ~ to open our hearts, "to find out what it is we love. to do what we love.  and love what we do". Thank you to the Knack for doing just that ~ bringing us the highest quality burger to satisfy that Cape Cod Summer Vibe! We appreciate your presence!

They partner with local fisherman to get the best sourced seafood for those amazing fish tacos and more!  They also work with a local butcher to make all natural ground beef burger patties that are to die for!!! Not only that, but they source their veggies from a local farm to top it all off! Everything is  made in house ~ from the sandwich sauces to the cookies and batters! A-MA-ZING!

These guys definitely 'have a knack' for what they're doing ;)!

You Must try the Avocado Burger! It is my fave! (Yes, I eat burgers now...only when well sourced and made with love, of course!;)

Enjoy! Be sure to check out my other fave Cape Cod Restaurants for more pure eating enjoyment!