An Easy, Breezy, Beauty Tip

tarte bb cream Ready for a little 'Beauty Bit'?

There's nothing worse than putting on heavy makeup when your face is sweating in the heat of summer, right?! But, we / I tend to get red, blotchy and sunburned, so it's not so 'hot' to go out looking like that now is it?

I've tried many makeup lines and pick my battles when it comes to putting any chemicals on my skin. If I can avoid it, I do (Ouidad is a non-negotiable for my hair), that's why I'm so glad to have found an all natural, mineral based, oil-free BB cream for my face!

I found it at Sephora, go figure! I had used the line, Juice Beauty, in the past, but the consistency, texture and sheer quality of Tarte Makeup makes it my better choice! It's gluten free, paraben free and eco conscious too!

Instead of using a foundation, this BB cream is formulated to be a light moisturizer, with SPF protection, sheer to buildable coverage, and is your all-in-one, go-to product for a summer glow! Check out the website for more info!

A few dabs of this, a little lip gloss, a quick swipe of mascara, and you're out the door for a fresh faced summer look!

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Glow on!