3 Ways to Get in a Good Mood!

Love Yoga Fest 2014 This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending our community's very own yoga festival, right here on Cape Cod! The girls from Love Live Local created Love Yoga Fest and brought some seriously amazing energy for us all to enjoy! Thank you Love Live Local girls ~ Jen, Amanda and Kate, you're such a gift to us all!

The reason yoga festivals are so fun for yogis, is because you get to experience a renowned teacher from different parts of the country! I was so excited to take Daniel Orlansky's class because it's been awhile since I've practiced Kundalini! Even though I have my own study book on Kundalini Kriya's from my Naam Yoga Teacher Training, and can access it at any time, I still like to be a student and receive the teachings, and practice as well! He was such a gift and a fountain of wisdom! He merged many different ancient teachings of kundalini and buddhism into his class and allowed me to experience such joy in being completely present! Aaahhhh....

My favorite part of class was when we did 4 minutes of SHAKING! I used to warm up with this same type of shaking in my Naam yoga classes in L.A., and have also incorporated a variation of shaking on my back in my own meditation practices in the past, but  had forgotten just how powerful it is, how healing, and how FUN it can be!

I instantly felt lighter and brighter, and it inspired me to share with you this easy exercise, along with a couple other tips to get you in a good mood, instantly!

They are:

1. Shake for Health!

In Naam Yoga, we lie on our backs with our arms and legs outstretched towards the sky and shake our ankles and wrists as hard, but as relaxed as we can, for anywhere from 3-11 minutes. Our hands and feet radiate so much light in and out of our body naturally, so by doing this practice we are bringing in, and distributing all that life force to the nooks and crannies inside ourselves, to heal anything, and strengthen the immune system. Whenever we shake, we break up stagnation and allow our energy to flow, much like an acupuncture session.  Try shaking to the mantra, 'shri ram jai ram, jai jai ram' (track 1 on this cd) for 3 minutes every day for 40 days and enjoy complete bliss in your life!

When we did our shaking in this past weekend's class, we were standing ~ also equally as fun and invigorating! Closing your eyes and relaxing your entire body, start shaking up and down as your knees bend, to allow the shake to happen. Let your jaw shake, your shoulders shake, let everything flop around without censoring yourself. It feels awkward and strange, but you can literally feel the tension falling off. It's moving your lymphatic system so that dis-ease gets pushed out (this is why rebounding exercise has so many health benefits). It's the first thing an eastern medicine doctor or ayurvedic practitioner would suggest a patient to do if they were ill. It's that powerful! Apparently there's a whole book written about this healing modality, which I cannot wait to read! It's called, "Shaking Medicine", by Bradford Keeney. 

2. Do Alternate Nostril Breathing.

For 11 minutes, close your eyes and inhaledthrough the left nostril, closing the right nostril with your right thumb. Then exhale through the right nostril, closing the left nostril with your pinky. Then inhale through the right and exhale through the left with the right thumb on the right nostril again. Alternating like that for 11 minutes brings balance to the emotional body. It's like wiping a slate clean. Try it out to feel calm and centered immediately.


Another way to restore joy is by clapping. Yep, that's right, good old fashion clapping. It's a Naam Yoga Therapies technique that works wonders and only takes 3 minutes! I was reminded of this one while at a concert this past weekend. After each song ended we clapped, and I couldn't help but bring awareness to the energy that's created when we do so. When we clap, we literally break up stagnation. Our hands are an extension of our heart so by clapping, we break up the 'funk' that gets in the way of our naturally happy, loving heart that's so full of joy. Once it's broken up, we radiate love and light! Try clapping continuously for 3 minutes and try to tell me your mood didn't lift! It might feel strange doing it, but you will be smiling from ear to ear when you're through. :)

Try one or all and GLOW on friends <3 !

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