Achieving An Ideal Diet

vegan cupcakes I turned 34 on saturday and just realized something worth celebrating!

In past years, during my strict macrobiotic / vegan days, I would get super excited about an upcoming event / occasion / birthday because I would give myself permission to indulge in the things I normally avoided (it would still be a very healthy version like gluten free/vegan cupcakes like the pic above though;)!

In those instances, I  was fully expressed with happiness, but what I wasn't realizing is that I was usually suppressing that very same person when I wasn't in celebratory mode! How sad to think.

My dear friend reminded me a couple weeks ago while we were talking about my newfound balanced diet of eating everything in moderation, that she remembered coming to visit me in Boston a year ago and reading  what I had written on a piece of paper from an exercise I did in the book, "The Slow Down Diet", by Marc David.

I had completely forgotten that I posted this on my fridge to remind me of the diet I desired and missed ~ On that paper I had written how much I wanted to enjoy eating burgers again, or chips and guac, or drinking a margarita! It's so sad to think just how scared I was to go back to those ways of eating, or allowing myself to enjoy those pleasures.

It seems to have turned out to be a little bit like a vision board for my desires of who I wanted to be in regards to food. Funny, but pretty big deal stuff actually!

I remember working through those exercises a few summers ago, while on my Naam Yoga Teacher Training in Cabos, and realizing that Marc David, a nutritionist and The Psychology of Eating Health Coach, had made some really amazing points in his approach to eating. He said that if we give ourselves the opportunity to actually enjoy eating, while also consciously nourishing ourselves with high quality ingredients, we can actually have our cake and eat it too!

When we deny ourselves the pleasures that come from eating, it hurts our soul, and is actually like a form of self abuse, because we are subconsciously believing that we are wrong to desire these gifts, and therefore aren't allowing our souls to be fully expressed! That same 'abuse' can also be seen in a person who cleanses too much - they are subconsciously telling their body that they are toxic (this is something I'm guilty of and needed a lot of help with from my health coach a couple years back).

I remember a chapter in the book talking about how he had given a client of his advice for how she should lose weight, by actually encouraging her to have dessert everyday! Because she was given the green light on eating food that she always thought of as being forbidden, she actually trained herself to be more mindful when eating, and relish in the sweetness!

She also avoided being plagued with binge mode tendencies because she wasn't 'dieting' anymore! She ultimately achieved her ideal weight.

It's amazing what happens when we actually enjoy food in it's most purest form! On the same note, I read an article, written by Ayurvedic Practioner, John Duilliard, about why 'foodies' are thin. He says the main reasons are that they don't eat anything that doesn't bring them joy, they stop when they are satisfied, they only eat high quality ingredients, dine at farm to table restaurants, and eat in a relaxed, enjoyable manner. How novel!;)

This birthday is a new celebration of my soul being fully expressed and happy with a truly healthy, balanced diet! I have really embraced allowing myself to try different foods again this past year, and therefore have created a whole new reality for myself ~ one where I am softer, more relaxed, more feminine, loving, and more accepting of myself..

This practice is in fact a practice - a daily meditation in action which requires constant love and attention to cultivate a healthy relationship with food, which is ultimately  a reflection of our relationship with ourselves. This is the final step in my Life & Style Program that I offer, to help people on their journey to wellness! If you're interested in scheduling a session with me, please contact me here.

Won't you join me in the 'Slow Down Diet' of eating for pleasure and energy, which leads to a healthy weight?!

GLOW on friends!