Finally Free of Neck and Back Pain!

chiropractic care I am so excited to share with you that I have finally turned the corner in my corrective care regimen with my chiropractor! I shared some insight on the benefits of chiropractic care in this post, but have more to add to that recipe today!

I took a yoga class called "Relieving Tension in the Neck and Back" while at our local LoveYoga Festival (more tips from the fest here) this summer and had a huge a-ha moment!

Get this ~ one of the most common reasons why people have back or neck pain is because they haven't actually been willing to LET IT GO! What a concept! Seriously though, letting go of something that sort of defines you is a scary thought! What's on the other side? Who will we be when that pain is gone? What is the real subconscious thought pattern that is perpetuating that stressor, or manifestation of pain? Honestly, if you sit with that it's kind of crazy to think that we hold on to stuff because it's comfortable. We've gotten so used to it!

Because I believe that everything in our physical world starts with the seed (thought), it makes sense that affirmations would help with letting go of the pain! I read an AMAZING e-book called "Heal Your Back Now" based on Kundalini yoga applications, and it explains the metaphysical aspect of each vertebra and what has been the reason for your pain on a very subconscious level. For instance, the neck area is generally a place where people are too rigid or controlling in life. The middle back pain indicates a fear of trouble in one's environment. The lower back pain suggests there may be an unequal exchange of power and energy and feelings of being unsupported.

Since there was a list of specific affirmations for each vertebra, I had my chiropractor write down which ones he was working on for me. Based on that, I wrote down all the affirmations and started saying them every morning and every night for about 21 days.(the time it takes to establish a new habit)

Coupled with getting a harmonyum treatment from my friend, to address the body of pain and calm the nervous system, I have finally LET GO of the pain!

I also upped my fish oils and turmeric supplements to help with inflammation, started taking joint support and rubbing joint balm and essential oils on my neck, knees and ankles to help. I realized after the fact, that this was all happening when I was in my Saturn Period which affects your bones and joints! HA!

So there you have it, as my chiropractor always says, pain in the spine is a result of 'thoughts, traumas, and toxins". I highly recommend getting adjusted, getting a harmonyum treatment (from me!), and looking at the metaphysical aspect of your pain ~ from an ayurvedic and Divine Spiritual Wisdom perspective, because health is a state of well being in the mind, body and spirit!

I can help you balance your health through these principles! The quickest way is by scheduling a hands on healing treatment.

In good health!