Healthy Habits: Women's Healthy Cycle Support

I just finished watching one of my fave Ayurveda Experts' livestream video on Women's Health, according to Ayurveda practices and it was so inspiring that I thought I'd sum up what I learned and share it with you all.

As a woman, to stay balanced and healthy, we must focus our awareness on:

  • stress levels
  • breast health
  • the lymphatic system
  • hormones
  • the immune system.

The adrenal glands, from what I remember in my Macrobiotic studies, are governed by the kidneys and support our stressors. The adrenals support progesterone levels, testosterone levels, and the thyroid. When we DO too much and expend all our energy all over the place, we make our adrenals work overtime causing them to look elsewhere to support our over-doing! What we end up doing is 'borrowing peter to pay paul', as Dr. Douilliard says. The important thing is to NOT drain our adrenals with unnecessary stress! It is SO important for us to rest and to breathe and go within! Our health relies on it, so it's not a self indulgence, it's a necessity!

**A great herb to support the adrenals is ashwaganda, which is also a hormonal precursor.

The lymphatic system is also super important to pay attention to, so as not to create lymph congestion. When it's congested, it blocks the flow of the energy in the body which helps detox and drain excess mucus, etc. People nowadays are sitting too much, whether at their desks or in the commute to and from work, and this causes congestion. We need to get out and walk and move, drink hot water throughout the day, perform daily abyhanga self massage, and consider taking an herb called manjistha to support lymphatic flow. It's also so important to support breast health with healthy lymphatic drainage and proper levels of iodine! Eating oranges, mango and pomegranate help too!

We also need to eat more healthy fat (think avocado, ghee, flax seeds, olive oil etc) and less sugar (wheat, corn) to be able to optimize/absorb vitamin D levels, which supports healthy hormones. Shatavari is also a wonderful herb that all women should consider taking for a healthy hormonal and reproductive system. This herb helped me immensely when trying to regulate my monthly cycle!

And as always, moderation is key! Keep your immune system strong with high levels of ojas in the body! Ojas in Ayurveda is the nourishing quality of life force. I started taking the Ojas Nightly Tonic (pictured above) recently and feel amazing! It contains all the ojas building foods: dates, almonds, coconut, saffron,shatavari,ashwaganda, turmeric.

So there you have it, some self care tips for optimal Women's Health according to Ayurveda! Ayurveda means 'the study of life' and goes to the root of all dis-ease in the body, creating balance and well being. If you would like me to help guide you with these practices so you can achieve optimal health and wellbeing, you can schedule a diet assessment with me, and can also check out this post which has more information on women's health!