What Makes a Stylist Great. {For fellow Stylists + Clients alike}

I LOVE being a hair stylist! I love being able to help people love their hair because I struggled with mine for so many years, which eventually turned into a passion for helping others with what I now know!

I love that this career path is ever changing, that I get to work with people; having awesome conversations, learning from them, and being inspired by them! I love that I work in the beauty industry ~ this multi-billion dollar business of looking good and feeling good! Because that's what it's really about, right? -- Feeling good!Feeling confident of being a reflection of who we truly are on the inside ~ our own unique expression of self! :)

There's the artistic side of what I get to do everyday on my clients, but there's also the business side too, which really lights me up! I love the concept of branding and marketing and having a specialty that sets all of our talents a part. I feel so incredibly blessed to have had the mentors I've had during my career, the many talented co-workers along side me, and the educators I've been so fortunate to take workshops and classes from!

I thought I'd share with you what it takes to be a great stylist, based on everything that I've learned. I figured this would be helpful for other stylists, (as well as this post about how to avoid getting burnt out,) but also gives a new perspective for the client too!

The Consultation.

--Does your stylist face you when you two consult, or is she standing behind you in the chair, looking in the mirror with you? You should always be face to face! (sometimes you already know what you're going to do so it doesn't have to be that elaborate though)

--Does she ask you how you're feeling about your hair and allow you to answer?

--Does she really take the time to pull answers out of you, digging deep for a solid foundation to go off of if you're a one word answer kind of girl? So many times I've heard a client say that a stylist never asks as many questions as I do, but the consultation is THE MOST important part!!! How are you going to know how your client feels about the way she looks?

--Has she had a favorite look in the past?

--Does she have a celebrity inspiration?

--What gives her a hard time?

--What does she like about her hair? What does she not like about her hair?

--When was her last cut/color? These are some good places to start.

The Service.

--The actual service is where the artistic expression comes in, from the shampoo to the cut/color, and finish, but does your stylist bore you with her life during the process? Granted, that's part of the fun of going to the salon, right, to talk and vent? But your stylist should always bring the topic back to hair! She should always touch on the condition of your hair and ask how you've been doing with your styling at home, which products you're using, and ultimately celebrate you!

--Does she give you a 'program' or 'prescription' for your hair? Do you have a plan for the next visit? There should be some sort of a plan, because I've had clients who come to me complaining they haven't been getting what they want from their previous stylist, and then I learn that they like to 'change things up all the time'. Okay, change is inevitable, but you can't expect to go from Dark Brown in the Winter to Blonde Babe in the Summer in just one appointment. Did the previous stylist use semi or permanent color on you in the winter? If they had known you would probably want to go light in the summer, then maybe they would have used a semi permanent, or maybe they would have just done some rich low-lighting on your previous summer strands. See what I mean? A plan is good, otherwise things can be more difficult and the time may not be allotted for what you are hoping for in that quick fix, instant gratification moment when you don't book correctly because you haven't been properly advised!

--When you are getting styled, does the stylist teach you how they're doing your hair?

--Do they let you know which products they're using and why?

--Do they give you thorough instruction on how to use the brush, the diffuser, etc? This is all very important if you ever want to re-create that style at home!

The Closing.

--Finally, when you go to check out, does your stylist walk you up to the front desk?

--Does she ask you if you need shampoo, conditioner, or styling products each time?

--Does she tell you when you should come back? (4-6 weeks for a root touch up, 8-12 weeks for a highlight?)

--Should you be getting a glaze or a base break in between appointments?

--Should you be scheduling a bang trim between your cuts? These are things to consider that your stylist should be advising you on; when they should see you again, and recommending that you reschedule before you leave so you don't have to worry about trying to get in last minute! It's much more convenient that way - treating hair appointments like dentist appointments! ;)

The Experience.

--It's also really important to feel like you're in an atmosphere that makes you feel like you're at a 'hair party'! I love that our team at Salon 700 acts this way! We celebrate new looks that we've created on our clients, to other clients, we talk about formulas out loud, techniques we are using, and work as a team to make our guests (you) feel welcome at our party!

Have you been receiving this treatment? Please share below!

Happy Salon Experience to you!