Cultivating Consciousness: How to Attain Unlimited Happiness

I had the pleasure of cutting the hair of an extremely enlightened soul last week, who's energy is magnetic, who brings a smile to my face instantly, who makes me laugh for no reason and who shares such simple wisdom with me every time we meet (and who also happens to do amazing healing work here on Cape Cod - she gave me a Rising Star Healing treatment about a month ago and it was so balancing!)! Meet angel friend, Alicia Matthewson. 

During our convo, I was sharing with her some concerns I had about a friend/client who is going through a transition time in her life where lots of change was happening around her.

Alicia's response was so simple ~  Ask her to ask herself, "What gives her meaning everyday"?

Because that is THE single most important question anyone should ask themselves if they ever want to find inner peace!

I started thinking of other people that I know who fixate on other people's lives, who try to control situations or others, who have emotional turmoil, or who just can't seem to accept what is, and I realized that they needed to dig deep within their souls to find out the answer to this magical question too.

During my life coaching sessions, intense meditation protocol, and series of harmonyum treatments (My Story) that I received a few years ago, I finally started to discover what my gifts and talents were, the five values that are true to my highest self, and that our life's purpose is to serve others! By doing so, we become aligned and anointed with The Divine!

*If you ever want to feel inner peace, we must look for opportunities to share and serve - it is the ultimate law of attraction, because when we give, we receive our heart's desires.*

We are all ONE and we all have something to offer. If you think of life as a business, where there are CEO's, admin people, salespeople, manufacturers, etc., they are all acting as 'cogs in the wheel', all working towards the same purpose. If one of those 'cogs' isn't pulling their weight, the whole can't succeed, or flourish, or reach the goal of creating an opportunity for other's to either learn from, be inspired by, or be entertained by, for instance. There is always a bigger picture, and if you think of any successful business, they always give back ~ the circle of life my friends!

My spiritual teacher always says to look for places you can serve. It's that simple, and that is your gateway to peace, joy and love. This could be via your own unique inspiration, or maybe your own personal struggles you've overcome, your personal values, or your special gifts and talents - artwork, caregiving, teaching, healing, inventing, building, etc.

I invite you to sit with that for a moment. It is HUGE!

So, I have made it my mission to really help this friend/client, as is my mission as a hair and lifestyle designer, to discover what her gifts and talents are, and put them to use! It doesn't have to be a career, it can be a volunteer position, or just harnessing those gifts within her community (but finding that community first, through common interests/values).

I immediately thought of 3 books to recommend to her, that helped me immensely in my search to find inner peace:

Loving What Is, by Byron Katie

What Color is Your Parachute (the workbook section), by, Richard Bolles

Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts, by Regina Thomashauer

That, coupled with finishing up her series of Harmonyum Healing Treatments from me, she will create the platform for transformation, to experience love everywhere, to be in tune with her highest self, to know what gives her meaning each day so that she is a beacon of light and love, doing her life's work in every moment and opportunity.

Landmark Education will also push you into living your life in the present moment, with intention and purpose. I recommend this to anyone wanting to change a negative situation in their life! It's a 3 day investment that will help you reach that aha moment where the light switch gets turned on! It's Ah-Mazing! I write a little about my experience here.

For more inspiration for igniting your own inspiration, check out the Happiness Project by Robert Holden, the late Dr. Wayne Dyer, or many other light workers via Hay House Inc. (an example of the big picture of service) and JUST DO YOGA and NAAM!

A prayer I say every morning, which helps align with this concept is:

"Dear God, I am open and receiving of your love and guidance, so that I may create magnificence in everything that I do. So be it. So it is. It is done. Sat Nam"

May you all shine bright everyday, and ignite that inspiration from within (I can help you find it, so feel free to contact me for a consultation!), so we may all collectively raise our vibration to LOVE, ONENESS, and the ultimate DIVINE ESSENCE!