Healthy Habits: Simple Self Care Travel Tips

Greetings from Florida!! We have been on a road trip for the past 10 days now and are enjoying the adventure that comes with it, as I manage to stay semi-balanced with all this movement!

Movement is associated with the energetics of air/ether, and the Vata Dosha in Ayurveda Practices. It is connected to our nervous system and when aggravated/imbalanced, can lead to nervousness, anxiety or even insomnia, so it is very important to try and stay grounded when there's a lot of movement surrounding you.

We haven't stayed longer than 3 days in any one place on our trip thus far, so keeping a few simple practices in my daily routine are really important, and like second nature to incorporate. I'll share them with you here:

  1. Stick to some sort of sleep routine if you can. I try my best to get to bed by 11 at the latest and wake up around 8, ideally. We brought our pillows along for the trip which was also a savior for my neck and back! I still do my nightly ritual of taking a shower to ground me, abhyanga massage, and lying on my back in bed for a few minutes while breathing deeply in and out my nose and reciting my gratitude list for the day, along with my Love, Peace and Light Prayer.
  2. Whenever we're in the car or have a few minutes of down time, I take advantage of doing some breath work. Either 3 part breath, which is 10 seconds in through the nose. 10 second hold. 10 second exhale through the nose. Or I do alternate nostril breathing.
  3. Since I didn't bring my dry brush to exfoliate dead skin cells before showering, I can do a hot body scrub with a wash cloth and a basin filled with hot water. This is a Macrobiotic practice that helps pull out toxins. Fold the wash cloth into quadrants, using one corner/side of the cloth. Dunk the cloth into a sink filled with hot (not scalding) water and scrub (not hard, just back and forth until it becomes pink in one area) starting with your face working down your whole body, making sure to get your underarms, hands and feet!
  4. Anytime we're in the car, we listen (and chant) to my mantra cd to protect us and keep us positive. I recommend getting The Flow of Naam to have in your car at all times!
  5. As far as food, it's important to enjoy the culture and cuisine wherever you are (stay tuned for restaurant raves and food find faves soon!), so we might not have eaten super healthy each day, but I at least try to eat the bulk of the heavy, rich food during the hours of 10-2 when our digestion is the strongest, and we find the places that serve local, high quality ingredients and really relax and enjoy the experience. I also try to drink a cup of hot water with lemon when I wake up, eat an apple a day, or at least a scoop of green powder mixed in water for a quick scrub of the insides, if nothing else!

Along with these simple grounding practices, (you can read more here) we've really enjoyed our stops: Asheville, NC, Charleston, SC, Orlando (Disney!), and West Palm Beach, so far! We've been visiting with loved ones and getting outside each day to walk in nature and eat good food! There's so much to be thankful for and so many gifts to experience each day, so taking this time to slow down and soak it all in has really been wonderful!

I hope you all can start to shift into gratitude mode for the approaching holidays, and enjoy your loved ones, good food, and precious time spent doing whatever nourishes your soul!

If you didn't know, I offer LifeStyle Design sessions, so if I can help you find balance, please let me know!

In good health!