A Daily De-Stress Tip

A few nights ago, I came home from a very busy, long day of work around 8:30. Since I had been 'on the go', I didn't even feel tired yet, but knew that once I sat down, it would be hard for me to get back up.

So, I decided to go ahead and start my nightly ritual early so I could get cozy and relax for a good night sleep.

Since I've been practicing meditation, yoga, and Ayurveda for the past few years, I am now very in tune with my mind, body, spirit connection to know what I need, and to look for ways to care for myself, but I still hear many people complaining about stress and how they have no idea how to manage it!

For instance, I had one Energy Healing client who struggled with indulging in sweets at the end of her day, mindlessly munching as she would lay around and watch t.v., complaining of always feeling so exhausted.

I gave her practical lifestyle tips that dramatically shifted her whole mindset and approach to her daily life and how she spent her time, that she has since found a whole new groove in regards to her overall wellbeing, and has found other ways to properly nourish herself at the end of the day.

Her testimonial is here:

"I was at a point in my life when I needed guidance on how to get myself back on track in terms of health and happiness. I was super busy between my full time job, graduate studies, and family responsibilities, and as a result my mental, physical, and spiritual self was suffering. Opening up to Kate was easy; her genuineness let me know I was safe in trusting her with details of my life. Kate’s sincere desire to help was evident in that she truly listened to my concerns. Based on our conversations she provided me a 40 day plan that fit my life. The plan provided me with the means to create positive energy, peace, and better health in my life. Kate’s plan opened me up to a completely new way of looking at how to better myself. Her knowledge and passion for helping her clients on a positive life path is not just what Kate does, but it is a part of who she is. The knowledge and insights she provided me with are now part of how I live a more healthy and happy life everyday, and I cannot thank her enough!”

I have another energy healing client who is struggling with living alone and feeling the urge to go out to the bars.

She is open to learning ways to apply self care and self love, so I have given her practical lifestyle tips as well, like turning off the cellphone and social media, having a cup of tea, and curling up to a good book.

When I got home that night, I knew exactly what I needed because I have cultivated this intimate relationship with myself to care, and give attention to, so I thought I would share with you what I did to mindfully de-stress.  

I immediately knew I needed a nice, long, hot shower to ground myself, including an abhyanga self love oil massage to nurture my soul, properly drain my lymphatic system, and stimulate circulation.

I then got into my cozy robe and heated up some water to make my favorite Bliss Tea. I have many teas I could have chosen from, but I intuitively knew I needed this particular concoction that my Ayurvedic practitioner makes - it's a blend of chamomile, skullcap, lavender, gotu kola, oat straw, and peppermint. You can order it by contacting her here.

I found myself walking over to my Coloring Book, which I haven't picked up in months, and immediately smiled, knowing this is exactly what I needed!

I found this adult coloring book about a year ago, after I had been doing some journaling, reflecting on the things I used to love to do when I was a child, and remembered just how much I loved coloring and writing stories! ;)

A quick search online, and I was shocked to find that there are indeed, many adult coloring books out there, and mostly are meditation based. I got a Mandala Coloring Book, and it is so therapeutic!

Drinking tea and drawing in my coloring book was exactly what I needed that night to unwind and tune into that part of myself that just needed a little childlike freedom of expression in a sweet, caring way. You can read more about what my friend, and lifecoach, Shayna Mahoney says about coloring books in her blog.

What do you do to unwind at the end of your busy day? Do you have a ritual that you find helps calm your mind, body, and spirit?

I hope you can at least carve out 30 minutes to an hour without any computer, phone, or tv screens just before bed! You will feel the results instantly! If you need some help with relaxation and cultivating more peace and consciousness into your life, please contact me for an energy healing session!