Cultivating Consciousness: THE Ultimate Cure-All

Many clients ask me, while I’m giving them their head massage at the shampoo bowl, if I am also a Massage Therapist. It makes me smile, because as soon as I became a Hair Stylist, I started thinking how I’d LOVE to also do massage work.

I started working in an AVEDA Lifestyle Salon when I first came out of Cosmetology school, and fell in love with the AVEDA philosophy, which just so happens to be rooted in Ayurveda Practices (which I didn’t come to appreciate until recent years).

Their approach to nurturing the body, using specific techniques and aromatherapy, had me questioning if I had made the right move to be out on the salon floor. But, life is funny, and somehow all of my passions and desires got sprinkled, and weaved into my life’s purpose.

I guess the calling I felt for massage work back then, was really just the bigger picture of the entire healing world!

I am always pulled to health, the healing arts, and self care, if you haven’t noticed already!;)

I learned the proper way to do a head massage using acupressure points when working for AVEDA, and still do it on each of my clients heads today, which gives me so much joy in giving them a stress relieving treatment!

Now, when clients ask me if I am a massage therapist, I respond with, “No, but I am an Energy Healer”.

I felt the pull to get certified in an alternative healing modality called, Harmonyum Healing, back in 2012, and have now started to offer it as part of my LifeStyle Design programs. 

For the past few years, I have been treating my family and friends, which gives me such pleasure to be able to give them what I was able to receive from other Harmonyum Practitioners who have worked on me.

Harmonyum is part of the Naam Yoga Therapies system of healing, which works on the root cause of all imbalances in our lives.

Harmonyum Treatments and Naam Yoga Therapies helped me to find my life’s purpose, and express it with the world, to develop a deep love of self, which enabled me to attract the love of my life <3, to find peace finally, and stop feeling so restless, to establish a healthy relationship with food and my body, to feel a deep connection with everything, and much, much more.

The treatments take about an hour, and are done lying face down, fully clothed, while I apply a light, rhythmic touch along your spine.

The spine houses all of our karma, energetically speaking, so it is here that we clear it out and get rid of any blocks that hinder you from your hearts desires.

Harmonyum ultimately clears your entire energy field of negativity.

While you’re on the table, you listen to a mantra that brings in the luminous beings, and you are brought to a state of somewhere in between feeling like you’re asleep, and awake – that place where great healing can happen – when the parasympathetic nervous system is activated.

It’s like an extended shavasana in yoga practice.

Because this is a highly spiritual healing process, and an energetic modality, it’s hard to put into words, because the unseen realm is not tangible.

It is undeniable though,  the shifts that start to happen in your life, allowing you to reach your hearts desires! However, the session itself does offer wonderful physical aspects as well.

Here’s what my clients are saying:

The session was an exceptional experience.“The session was an exceptional experience. Between the enchanting melodic music to the gentle touch that swept away the clutter and noise within; I was left with a relaxed clarity of mind. Clearly it was a healing experience and I can’t wait to schedule a series with Kate.” –Beverly Schectman, Patient Service Representative

I found myself in a place of complete relaxation, ease, and grace. “Wow! Harmonyum healing session with Kate Scott- a truthful peace event. I’d been hearing about this from Kate for a few years and was happy to experience it for myself. I was not sure what it would be like, but found myself in a place of complete relaxation, ease, and grace. Her soothing nature, and calming spirit made it special. A treat for the soul!” –Adele Fenner, Actress

It is like a massage for the mind. “A harmonyum session is difficult to explain. Maybe a good description is that it is like a massage for the mind. Together with soft naam meditative music, the light fragrance of the candle, and the whisper of Kate’s touch, one is transported to a dreamlike state. Maybe best described as being in a hypnotic, peaceful, calm cloud. This cloud of love remains after the session is over, like a blanket keeping one warm. Just writing about it makes me want another session with Kate…:)” –Mary Chasson, Homemaker

A nurturing mind, body experience. “Harmonium healing with Kate is a relaxing, restorative , meditative, awakening, and nurturing, mind body experience. Kate creates a space for you to deeply surrender and receive the healing effects of harmonium, and she transfers the energy powerfully. We are lucky that Kate is offering this gift to the world, I recommend everyone have this experience!” – Rhia Cataldo, Yoga Teacher

I invite you all to try this magical healing modality, and see how it can alter your life, for the better! It’s a perfect time to give yourself this healing gift – just in time for the new year and the heavy winter woe’s.

Feel free to contact me to schedule a session.

It is recommended to get a series of 7, to create the platform for transformation, but you will feel the effects of just one, and each one builds on the next, regardless of time lapsed.

To your health!