Fave Food Find Round UP: Locally Made Goods

Last month, my boyfriend and I jumped in the car, en route to Florida to stop in some great spots along the way, visit with friends and family, and of course, to eat good food!

I like to offer my ‘Fave Food Find’ topic because once you know how to master the food label, you can discover, and really appreciate the quality ingredients that are packaged up!

‘Food Shopping Wisely’ is one of my favorite elements in my Diet Design Programbecause it allows you to feel connected to the food source, which is ultimately YOU.

My Diet Design Program enables you to create a healthy relationship with food, which is ultimately that relationship you have with your self!

Here’s a few of my favorite food items that I stumbled upon, that I hope you can get your hands on someday too! Asheville is known for having a sustainable, locally sourced culture, so you better believe all their products are made with love!

-Buchi Kombucha (pictured at the top and label above – look at their cute story)! If you don’t know Kombucha, it is a carbonated, fermented drink that’s filled with beneficial probiotics to make your tummy happy!

So, so good and made right in Asheville! This particular flavor includes notes of ginger, peach, and molasses. It was smooth and effervescent and made me very happy!

-Goddess Ghee! Ghee is THE best oil for cooking and eating, according to ayurveda and paleo practices. It is clarified butter that does not contain any dairy or lactose. It offers so many health benefits, among which are that is is anti-inflammatory, burns fat, and improves digestion, as noted right in this sweet little write up pictured above these handmade jars.

Locally sourced from cows in the area, this ghee is either bottled up separately, or mixed with honey to add to warmed milk / tea, or porridges. Sweeeet! :)

-Pure Mountain Honey: I found this locally made honey in the same ‘Roots and Fruits Market’ Store as the ghee – there were so many gems in there, I could have hung out all day! Honey has anti-bacterial benefits when raw and unfiltered, and is regularly used in ayurveda practices for balancing vata.

This particular honey was sourced in the local mountains and bottled up as a Sourwood flavor. It is so light and floral, rather than creamy and sweet like other honeys – it is very similar to the honey we found in the Azores last year! By the way, blind taste tests with different honey is a really fun game!

There you have it, my fave food finds in our travels – all of which came from THE foodie scene along our way, in Asheville, NC.

Keep an eye out for my Restaurant Rave Roundup from Asheville as well!

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