Healthy Habits: A Simple Approach to Keeping a Balanced Diet

Just in time for the week of christmas celebrations, you might want to keep this thought in mind each day:

A long time ago, I read the book that Bethany Frankel wrote called, “Naturally Thin”. That was when I was ‘obsessed’ with being skinny.

Since then, I have developed a healthy relationship with food, and in turn, my body and soul, through practical dietary and lifestyle modifications that I offer in my Diet Design Program.

But back then, I wanted to know all the secrets about being thin, rather than embracing my own true essence, which is actually naturally on the thin side, but healthy looking – not malnourished!

I posted a blog about my Skinny Secrets, which are all great guidelines towards taking care of yourself, and just so happen to lead to a healthy, ideal weight. Which is, after all, the goal.

One of the points that Bethany made, which I love, is to treat your diet like a bank account.

I am working with a client / friend who is in the processes of designing a daily routine that will support her lifestyle, and when she struggles with bouts of guilt over certain foods she eats, I tell her this:

Treat your diet like a bank account – you’ll always be taking some out, and putting some back in, but the goal is not to deplete it!

Balancing your ‘diet bank account’, should be a daily practice. It’s okay to eat a cookie or treat, or have that glass of wine you want, or that hardy bowl of noodles, as long as you’ve done other good throughout the day!

Balance is a result of following the middle path, not two different extremes.

I tell her, of course we can all achieve our ‘goal weight’, but can we actually sustain it in a joyful, loving manner? Likely not. We do live in the real world, and being too strict and rigid with a controlled approach to eating is not allowing you to be in touch with your inner guide – your highest self.

Conversely, if we indulge too much, we are sending our bodies and soul the message that we don’t love ourselves.

Eating should be about self care and self love, and an expression of the Divine within all of us.

It took me a long time to get out of my rigid, controlled ways of eating, but now that I’ve learned how to find my own rhythm, I enjoy guiding others.

Here’s what I’ve found after finding the middle path: i now eat a cookie or two, sometimes three when I am really excited to eat it, because it brings me joy, rather than eating it (and binging) when I crave it so much out of restriction.

I enjoy a good glass of wine with dinner because I appreciate the bottled goodness, instead of mindlessly drinking just to drink.

Ultimately, mindfulness in eating, and everything that I do, is now second nature.

Marc David, the founder of the Psychology of Eating urges his clients to allow themselves to have what they crave – a brownie, a cookie, whatever, so that they don’t set themselves up for the binge and guilt cycle.

What he found is that his clients still lose weight when they allow themselves their treats, because overall, they are developing a healthy relationship with food and themselves, and when they become more relaxed when eating it, and relish in the joy, their bodies can process it better.

It may seem a little scary for you to let go of this control (I know it was for me!), or emotional eating, but I promise you, it is an important part of the process in achieving anything you want in life, because once you have self love, your heart is open to blessings!

Do you struggle with two different extremes of eating? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below – I’d love to hear from you!

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