Manifest Your Desires with This Approach

Happy New Year to you all! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season spent with loved ones, and in good cheer!

Isn’t it so interesting that the holiday season is always filled with parties and relationship dynamics – whether good or challenging, that can sometimes leave us feeling emotional?

The reason being, is that the universal period from December 6 through January 26 is ruled under the planetary energy of VENUS. Venus rules relationships, music, the arts, parties and emotions. It’s a positive energy of love.

The 7 creative planets span throughout the year, each ruling 52 days at a time. We have a universal planetary calendar which starts on the first day of Spring, but we also have personal planetary calendars that start on our birthday.

I just switched over my yearly day planner, so I went through the year inputting my unique planetary phases so I can have an idea of what forces I’m working with in order to manifest my dreams. I thought I’d share with you how this mathematical formula works.

The Sun period is the time to plant our seeds for manifestation, which then proceeds to go through the Moon phase which supports creativity, then the Mars phase which supports action, then the Mercury phase which supports communication, the Jupiter phase which supports good fortune, the Venus phase which supports love and celebration, and finally the Saturn phase which supports reflection, introspection and intuition. Saturn is the fruit of our seed on our tree of life.

By mapping out our personal calendar year we can align with the forces of nature and our highest and best self, which leads to ultimate fulfillment, and an inner and outer glow!

This new year is an opportune time to look ahead and map out how you can achieve all of your hearts desires and be a reflection of your own truest, most beautiful self.

Along with mapping out your personal calendar year, I urge you to take a moment to set an intention on each of the first 12 days of the year this month. By doing so, you plant a seed for each of the 12 months ahead.

May your intentions be aligned with all that benefits the highest good for you and your surroundings, and may your intentions come to fruition. So be it. So it is. It is done.

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Here’s to a happy, healthy, beautiful 2016!