Dry Scalp Remedy

I've talked about my issues with itchy skin, and remedies for winter skin and scalp before, but I have a new treatment to attack dry scalp, or dandruff, that I'd like to tell you about today.

I talked to my dermatologist about the mild dry, itchy, flaky scalp that I deal with, as do so many of my clients, and she gave me some great recommendations. I have learned during my self studies of chinese medicine and ayurveda practices, that anytime a skin irritation shows up, its a result of an inner disturbance.

Dry / itchy scalp could be due to a candida overgrowth in the stomach. Ie: a fungal infection caused by eating too much sugar, alcohol, or gluten. But it could also be a result of not enough circulation / blood flow to the scalp that you get when you shampoo or massage your scalp!

Us curly girls are known to go a good week between shampoos, which would be why we deal with dry scalp more often. This is why I always do an oil treatment on my scalp and hair every week before I shampoo. 

My dermatologist confirmed this is a good practice as it softens the scales of the dry skin on the scalp. But she told me that using Neutrogena's T/Sal shampoo treatment would further treat the symptom! Hurray! Relief!

To use, shampoo into the scalp as usual and let it sit for 10 minutes. *Do not shampoo through the hair as it will dry the hair out*. The active ingredient in the shampoo is salicylic acid, which will eat away at the dry scalp.

Dry scalp/dandruff is really just an accumulation of overactive sebacious (oil) glands. 

Another practice from Ayurveda that's helpful to stimulate blood flow and circulation, is to massage your scalp each night before bed (you don't have to use oil), gently grabbing the hair in your fists at the root and tugging on the hair. 

You could also consider doing an at home scalp treatment that Ouidad recommends - rinsing with apple cider vinegar. This tones and kills off any fungus. Check out this post for more info on treating winter hair and scalp.

I hope these practices help you find relief!