Winter Break Travel Well Tips

If you're thinking about winter and spring break travel plans, be sure to have a little wellness plan before you go! While I'm not all about being rigid and controlling with my diet anymore, I still have mindful living tools that I use everyday.

Before bed each night, I always have a rough idea of what the next day's healthy habits will include. I quickly think about what time I have to get up, what I'll eat for breakfast, what my plan is for lunch and dinner, and where I might be able to fit in a walk or some self care time. Before this was second nature, I would write down my plan on a little sticky note so that it was out of my head and on paper as an outline to follow that didn't require any extra obsessing or thinking.

I apply these habits even when I'm traveling, and it's that much harder to have control over your self care. Travel or vacation is supposed to be about letting go and having fun, right?! But there still needs to be a little checks and balance system in place to keep you relaxed, happy and present!

I'm always a firm believer in having some food on hand to avoid feeling 'hangry', so stocking up on some bars (larabars, gomacro, or jonesbars) or trail mix is a good idea! And keeping some tea bags and supplements on hand will keep you on your health track.

I was super excited to find some of my favorite snacks in the Providence airport that I'll be sure to factor into travel plans next time I fly out of there! They even had BarkThins - one of my all time fave chocolate indulgences! Not to mention boom chicka pop (corn), and terra vegetable chips! I was also really glad to know that jetblue has a great PUMP UP food box (pictured above) filled with vegan, gluten free healthy snacks that you can buy- mary's gone crackers, hummus, roasted chickpeas, a banana nut bar and olives. I mean that's pretty awesome if you ask me!

Whenever you feel off, just go out for a walk, do a little yoga stretching in your room, some deep breathing exercises, drink some of the detox tea I pictured above, and plenty of water, and get your beauty sleep! You can always come back to center (more tips here), and be sure to check in with your intention. What was / is your intention for the trip? For me, my intention for my upcoming trip back to the Azores will be to relax, take in the different culture, get some outdoor hiking in, and reconnect with nature. Our last trip to Florida was to enjoy spending time with my mom, to get some sunshine, and to not do any work on the computer!

I hope you are able to take a little break during these cold months, and can apply these tips to stay healthy and happy!