Choco-Blueberry Superfood Smoothie

My boyfriend makes THE BEST smoothies! I don't know how he does it, but I guess it's just his natural artistic talent at work! While I don't particular like to drink cold drinks (not good for my vata ayurveda consitution), this is always a nutritious, delicious, satisfying breakfast, snack, or dinner that I do so enjoy.

I finally just got the 'recipe' from him, since he only goes by 'feel'. I never could seem to replicate what he did because he just has that magic touch, but I've been hovering over his shoulder and scribbled down the rough estimates of how much and what he uses, and so I thought I'd share with you all. Of course this could be modified to your liking, after all, this evolved from a simple blueberry, banana and hemp milk concoction. :)


Serves 1


Frozen blueberries (just enough to cover bottom blade of blender)

Dairy free milk to cover blueberries + more as you blend (we use hemp milk)

1 handful chia seeds (adds thickness and fills you with fiber) *could also sub out black sesame seeds after your menses*

1 handful cacoa nibs (a little crunch is fun!)

1 tbs of cacao powder 

1 tsp maca powder (for strength and stamina)

1 tbs green powder (vitaminerals or green vibrance brand)

1 tsp bee pollen

1 tsp hemp oil (good source of protein + omega 3s)

1 tsp flax oil (good source of fiber)

1 TBS maple syrup (could sub out for chopped dates - especially after your menses!)

***special add ins could be shatavari powder or amalaki powder for replenishment after your menses! Read this post for women's nourishment tips!


Place all ingredients in a blender (vitamix is best) and blend on high speed. If it looks too thick, add a splash of milk until desired consistency is reached. I like about 2 extra splashes! ;)

Enjoy! For more menu planning tips, click here.