An All Natural Sore Throat Cure

I cannot believe it, but I got a cold again! I'm very disappointed that I was sick more often than usual this past year, but I was reassured by my chiropractor that it is actually good to get sick every once in awhile so that your immune system has a chance to get stronger. 

This recent cold seemed to have hit everyone that I know, so I guess I don't feel so bad. If I could have done anything different with this recent battle, I would have called out to work and caught up on some rest! But, I tried to push through, so I needed to be armed with some sort of medicine - all natural of course! I relied on some of my tips from my last cold cure post, but I got to it too late because I thought I was just dealing with some!!

This is what I used:

-I've just started getting into using essential oils as my 'go - to' pharmacy, and learned that oregano oil helps with sore throats and canker sores! What a wonderful little burning source of relief! Just put 1 or 2 drops in an inch of water and gargle for awhile and swallow. 

-My good friend, Wade, at the Organic Market also recommended Black Elderberry to boost my immune system, and Umcka Cold and Flu syrup to get me through the day. This combination at least helped me breathe a little easier so I could catch some zzz's. 

It wasn't fun, but I survived with this help, sleep, and chiropractic adjustments to flush out toxins and strengthen my immunity. 

I hope you don't have to catch this cold, but if you do, the natural path is better than your typical chemical laden cold care you see in pharmacies. It's best to let your body allow the cold to run it's course, but sometimes we can't stop our lives to do so and these natural remedies can soften the blow.

In good health!