This is THE most important thing to do for happiness!

I've had lots of emails land in my inbox and discussions with clients pertaining to this topic of finding your life's purpose lately, so I feel I should share my thoughts and tips on the matter. If you've been following my blog for awhile, you will know that I have been one to move around a lot to figure out the best fit.

You may not know, however, since it was before my blog time, that I did the same thing in regards to my career. I was determined to figure out the best fit, so I changed it up quite a bit in a short amount of time before finding a good path. Since then, it has evolved, but I've been able to take all of my experiences and interests and merge them together to create my own career that brings me fulfillment. 

What I learned in my spiritual life coaching process, is that THE most important thing to do to find peace and fulfillment in your life is to discover your life's purpose. Without living this truth, you are not doing what you came to this life to do. We are all here to spread love and light through service. How can you serve your love and light?

My favorite way of understanding this was when Sivan told me to write down all my skills and talents in one column, and in the other column, write down my interests. That way, I can align the two to create a life I love. I've also seen this similar approach done in regards to finances - David Bach says to write down your personal goals in one column and your values in another to be able to prioritize and stay on the right path to achieving what makes you happy. Once you know your 5 personal values, you can apply this to every area of your life

Living your life's purpose keeps you grounded, and when you're living your truth you are happy, so more happy things come to you - that's how the law of attraction works! I whole heartedly believe in that because when Paul came into my life, I was finally in a good place doing what I love to do. In Naam Yoga teachings we learn that you attract whatever energy you're putting out there at the time. So if you're confused, you may attract something or someone into your life that is also confused. If you are feeling unfulfilled, it is likely that you will attract that same energy into your life too. That's how important it is to make yourself feel purposeful, creative, inspired, and anchored in your truth.

The first book that helped me discover that I wanted to become a hair stylist was the book, 'What Color is Your Parachute'. It helped me journal through my skills and talents and figure out what my interests were - hair! I highly recommend it!

I also started feeling a little itchy in my career a few years down the line and was finding a deep interest in holistic healthcare. It threw me for a loop because I was enjoying a successful career as a hair stylist and didn't know what I should do about that. The book, "Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow", landed in my lap and really inspired me.

The clincher was my Naam Yoga Meditation practice that was given to me by my Spiritual Teacher. By chanting the mantra, "Wahe Guru Wahe Guru Wahe Guru Wahe Jio" (download here) with the mudrra sarab shakti (hands clasped with pointer fingers shooting straight up in front of your heart), you reprogram your subconscious thought patterns to connect with your intuition and 'dance with your soul'. If you do it everyday for 120 days, you will know exactly what you're meant to be doing!

My journey started in college when I entered school as a business major and quickly realized I didn't connect to it. I decided to start taking journalism classes and loved it, so I followed my heart and graduated with a Communication degree, not knowing what I would do with it - but here I am writing a blog!

I also dealt with a crazy head of curls my whole life and worked as a waitress through, and post, college, as well as a Real Estate agent to discover some customer service skills that I now apply in my hair styling career.

While healing myself through Macrobiotics and Ayurveda practices, and Naam Yoga therapy, I realized that I had a lot of knowledge to share, so I now offer these services along side my salon life. I've created a situation that fulfills me by aligning my personal interests and goals with my skills and talents! Everything is connected and one experience builds on the next. I'm here to tell you to just follow your heart - it will lead you where you need to go and in no time you will have created your own life. 

I should also note this doesn't mean a career of vocation - this could be being a mother, an animal lover who serves in a shelter, or an artist who creates beauty for her family. Whatever you can offer to the world, do it - follow your inspiration and create magic!

My energy healing sessions help raise your vibration and intuition to allow your highest self to guide you towards living a life of peace and fulfillment. Contact me to schedule a session!