Cooking Quickly with Quinoa {Recipe inside}

I am ALL about quick and easy meals to make in a pinch - I just have to be sure I'm stocked with essentials to do so! Quinoa is one of those essentials, so are lemons, olive oil and rotating seasonal veggies. I usually shop once a week to pick up whatever needs replacing, which makes for a simple, mindful kitchen set up. If you need help with yours, just let me know - we can do a grocery and kitchen set up sesh together (+ a diet assessment and menu plan too ;).

Quinoa is a seed, and is said to be considered a complete protein. It's energy is astringent / light which makes it perfect for spring time but also substantial enough for winter too. It cooks in 15 minutes and can be thrown into a salad of fresh greens for a little extra substance, steamed with vegetables and mixed with a bean for a hearty lunch, and also repurposed the next morning as a sweet, creamy porridge (Click here for recipe). It's the perfect thing to cook for lunch to take to work with you while you're getting your breakfast ready in the morning, or when you're home and are hungry and need something now!

I made a quinoa bowl for lunch one day, and saved the extra quinoa in a separate container that I ended up using the next night for a quick dinner. (Check out more creative ways to use leftovers here)

Here's how simple it was:

I brought 1/2C quinoa with 1C water to a boil, then added 1tsp curry and a pinch of sea salt + a handful of chopped veggies (broccoli and chopped sweet potato) then covered and simmered for 15 minutes. I turned off the heat but let it sit for another 5 minutes, fluffed with a fork and added fresh chopped chives from our garden, a handful of pumpkin seeds and about a TBS of olive oil and squeeze of lemon (+ added sea salt to taste) and enjoyed it for lunch.

For dinner the next night, we browned venison burger and added sauteed onions and kale to it, which took about 5-10 minutes. Then we added the leftover quinoa with a sprinkle of goat cheese to make it more warming and comforting. It was super easy, sweet, delicious, and healthy.

If you haven't been cooking with quinoa, I suggest you try! It's so simple and a perfect compliment to mostly anything! I hope you enjoy!

In good health,