Summertime Self Care Solutions

Well, it's official, summer is upon us! As the sun reached it's highest point last week marking the Summer Solstice, and the full moon pulled down towards us, we had a chance to align with the yin and yang within us and surrounding us. As we transition into the summer season, let's all remember to dance with this delicate balance.

During summer, the universal planetary energy is ruled by Mars (July 3 - August 23) which is an action oriented planetary influence consisting of temptation, sex, accidents, anger, construction, destruction, manifestation, and associated with the blood. The fiery essence of the pitta dosha within us is also activated, which is comprised of the qualities of fire, transformation, heat, expansiveness and action. 

Remember that like increases like, so to stay balanced we must do the opposite of these types of qualities: surrender, stay cool (emotionally and physically), slow down and be mindful. Think swimming, taking afternoon naps in the shade on a hammock, eating cucumbers and watermelons.

The only constant in life is change, so just like with the seasons, we ebb and flow and dance with different energies. Be sure to stay cool with these tips:

-Consider taking Healthy Pitta Supplements to keep you from being impatient, angry, frustrated, hot and irritable.

-Consider spritzing Rose Water throughout the day to keep your body and emotions cool.

-Do Sitali Pranayam breathing any time you feel hot or have heated emotions in you or surrounding you. Inhale through a curled tongue (if you can't curl your tongue, pretend that your sipping through a straw), hold the breath at the top for a moment and exhale through the nose. Repeat for 1-3 minutes or up to 11 minutes per day.

-Don't forget to keep your hair from getting scorched by taking advantage of using the sun to do a deep treatment. Check out this post for creative ways to tame those tresses.  

For more information on staying cool this summer, check out this post. If I can help you in anyway, please check out my programs and let me know.

Stay Cool,