How to Stay Balanced while Traveling

Flying across the country for July 4th weekend was harder than I remembered in years past. We flew in for Paul's cousin's wedding in Santa Barbara on a Friday and left on that Monday, and while I knew it would be a whirlwind, I didn't expect to be feel so exhausted!

There was so much excitement, great company, beauty, love and sweetness that surrounded us, but missing out on good sleep and adjusting to the new time zone was challenging for a sensitive sally like me! Because I rely on my self care rituals to keep me balanced, I am SO sensitive to when I feel imbalanced, which I believe is a good thing, but can tend to make me a bit of a party pooper if I don't keep it in check! With these few practices (below) that were readily available to me, I was able to really enjoy the magic of that weekend!

Tulsi Tea. Paul's aunt was so sweet to bring this to the air bnb where we stayed, and boy was I glad I had it! I drank it before bed, or the next morning, and I really believe it helped me because it is a powerful adaptogen, which helps balance the adrenal glands and kidneys where stress in the body lives, it strengthens the immune system, which becomes weakened when traveling, provides anti viral, anti aging, and antioxidants properties, as well as balances moods, energy levels and metabolism. Hurray for this holy basil blend!

Hot water with lemon. My constant cleanser in life, especially after drinking alcohol! Drinking this on an empty stomach first thing in the morning cleanses the liver, which gets all the cobwebs out of everything in the body and keeps the digestion working optimally, because when traveling, the digestion becomes disturbed with gas and constipation (hello Vata!). Drink up!

Morning Dew Grass. The different reflexology points in the bottom of your feet when stimulated with the wet grass in the morning calms the kidney points in the body which helps with eliminating stress. 

Grabbing a walk. We had about 2 hours of downtime on Sunday, so I took full advantage of going for a walk through the hills of our neighborhood. Breathing in some fresh air, taking in all the beauty in the area, and feeling the sun on my face left me invigorated and centered.

Naam Simran Meditation. After the walk, I settled myself into our cozy little backyard under a tree and moved through a 25 minute moving meditation, which is a series of hand and arm movements that energetically purifies the body, mind, and soul while repeating the mantra: Eck Ong Kar Sat Nam Siri Wahe Guru. I felt lighter and peaceful instantly! (any yoga will do)

I was so grateful to be surrounded by such lovely people and the most mindful wedding weekend festivities! I believe that my self care practices really help me to stay present in all these blessings in my life so that I can stay in gratitude, and in joy. 

Are you aware of the things that you need to do to stay grounded in each day? Do you have self care rituals that you can't live without? How can you look for those opportunities when you're out of your normal routine?

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In health and happiness!