New Breakfast Delight

Good Morning! Breakfast was originally designed to 'break the fast' - 12 hours without food. So as you start your morning, it's best to eat something that's gentle on the stomach. Ideally, starting your morning with a cup of hot water and lemon to cleanse, and then slowly take in your 'spiritual meal', as Ayurveda refers to it.

When I was vegan and macrobiotic, I got really far away from dairy because it causes all sorts of disturbances in the body - allergies and inflammation to name a couple. But now that I've eased back into a 'moderate' diet of a little bit of this and a little bit of that, I became open to inviting cheese and butter into my life (always of the highest quality whenever possible!). Which has since led me to eating yogurt again.

OMG, I totally forgot what yogurt even tasted like and it is oh, so good! I think it's the texture that makes it so luxurious - kind of like ice cream. But what I most try to pay attention to now, is how I feel after a meal, and yogurt really keeps me feeling nourished for hours on end!

Because yogurt has probiotics, which take care of our digestive system and is packed with protein and fat, it helps me to feel full and satisfied. Especially when made into a parfait! (In Macrobiotics, they say that miso soup is equivalent to what yogurt can give you in regards to probiotics)

Inspired by our new local cafe, The Local Juice, here in Hyannis, I attempted to make my own version a few weeks ago and it was so simple, so sweet, so satisfying, and filling, that having it for breakfast every once in awhile is a real treat!

I bought the noosa brand of yogurt, which I think is a good quality choice, the love crunch gluten free granola which I love, and layered it in with some fresh fruit for a picture worthy meal (featured above). The Local Juice goes one step further and adds in other healthful ingredients like fresh mint and apple cider vinegar, as well as using local yogurt, so it's still a treat to eat theirs (among many other yummy snacks!)

We are heading into the vata season in Ayurveda which would tell you to stay away from granola, but encourage you to eat yogurt! Yogurt is a very common food taken in Ayurvedic cultures and diets to help with digestion and to add a quality of heaviness. I think that's why I like it so much, because I have a Pitta-Vata constitution, it balances me by adding a cooling and nourishing affect.

If you crave something substantial, try this on for size and see how you feel! For more breakfast options, click here. And if you would like any help with your diet, please let me know and I'd be happy to guide you!