My Curl Cures Summer Savior Product

While I realize this info is coming a little too late in the season, I'm sure you can still use some humid hair help tips throughout the year, whether while on vacation or whenever the humidity comes rolling in.

Some curly girls love what the humidity and the salty beach breezes do to their curls, while others, like me, prefer the perfect dry weather to keep our curls tame and smooth. This article on Cape Cod Hair (with styling advice from yours truly) showcases just that.

The downside of the humid weather is that our curl 'set' collapses and expands when the moisture sets in. This happens because the gel / styling product gets 'broken up' when water / moisture touches it - In the same way that taking a shower without a shower cap, or working out can do to styled curls. 

This is why I advise my clients to always wear a shower cap in the shower to preserve their curly set so that they can get 2/3 days out of it. And when working out, making sure the hair is tied back in a bun and secured with a headband around the hairline because the moisture from the inside of the gym / yoga room can cause your hair to frizz and puff out because the gel / styling product is getting broken up. Check out more preserving tips here. 

The beauty of the styling technique that I teach (Ouidad's Rake and Shake) is that you really can get a few days out of your style - much like a good blow out can do. It's just that all factors have to work in your favor ie: no moisture from the air, from the shower, from the gym!

First and foremost, your curls must be in optimum condition! If you drop a wet sponge in water, it doesn't expand does it? If you drop a dry sponge in water, it expands. This is the analogy we use when talking about the porosity of our curls - meaning the condition of the inner part of the cuticle. If it's lacking protein / moisture, it's going to swell up when it feels moisture surrounding it. But when the inner part of the cuticle is properly balanced with protein and moisture, it doesn't expand so much, although the curls will still coil up!

Ouidad's Deep Treatment takes care of your hair performing at its best by filling it with the proper amount of amino acids, wheat protein and moisture. Done once every 2 weeks for intensive care, or once a month for maintenance, this will take care of your struggles!

Climate Control Gel by Ouidad is also a savior when it comes to the humidity because it works with the moisture in the air - it doesn't repel it like most anti-humectant products will do. It actually breathes with the moisture so that the gel doesn't get so 'broken up'. You may notice that you don't have quite as much frizz, but your curls will coil up more!

This is why I rely on Ouidad's Finishing Mist - it's a workable styling spray that can be misted on wet or dry hair (used while diffusing) for extra hold. This product has always been my favorite for curls like mine because it adds an extra layer of control and shine. Because the moisture kind of 'breaks up' styling products, this product acts as if you're applying more gel when the hair is exposed to humidity because you're working with that moisture as you lock in more hold!

I spray it on my hair all day everyday and I feel it gets me through the humid days with a little more ease. 

Stay tuned for a new video on how to revive 'curls gone bad' (real bad). For more curly hair tips and tricks, check out my Curl Cures page.