A Cozy Coffee Alternative

The thing about coffee is the ritual of it. I am not a coffee drinker, purely because I don't enjoy the taste, but I appreciate the experience of what it provides.

I used to make daily runs to Pete's Coffee in Santa Monica for my vanilla latte (I like espresso masked with flavored sugar milk), or to the Common Ground in Hyannis for my iced lemon mate during my work days until I realized it didn't serve me. I do enjoy a good chai latte on occasion still, so I totally get the cozy comfort these drinks provide!

Luckily, I never succumbed to the addiction these caffeinated beverages can induce because it can be a very vicious cycle...we want the caffeine because we're too tired, but then we drink the caffeine and tax our adrenals, which ultimately makes us more tired...no bueno.

Any time we drain our adrenals, we inhibit our bodies natural healing mechanisms. When our nervous systems are nurtured, our body can work optimally. When our nervous systems are taxed with over-stimulation (ie caffeine) things begin to shut down.

If you're exhausted, I wrote an article about tending to your adrenals here, and also give harmonyum healing treatments, which completely activate the body's parasympathetic nervous system in order to facilitate the body's natural ability to heal. 

One way to start to curb your coffee love, is to replace it with better options that still offer you that ritual. I personally love DandyBlend! It's an herbal blend of dandelion root, which helps to detoxify your liver. It gives you all the things you love about coffee, without the harmful effects. 

Give it a whirl and see how you feel!