An Organic Self Tanner


I'm a subscriber of goop, by Gwenyth Paltrow, and love all her recommendations on beauty and wellness, so was so excited to come across this product she was promoting, just in time for my 'winter white' to set in. 

I'd had yet to find a self tanner that did not include any chemicals, but still gave a nice golden glow, instead of oompa loompa status, so I was oh so curious to see how this product held up.

The self tanner by the organic pharmacy is super easy to apply, has a pleasant scent, leaves no residue behind, gives a subtle glow, and is safe for your health! Win, win, win!

I highly recommend it! Do give it a try for those days/nights when you may have to show a little decolletage!;) And be sure to check out other beauty secrets on my blog here