3 ways to simplify your wellbeing

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I didn't even realize it, but for the last 6 months or so, I've been practicing simplifying my life even more than I could have possibly been before! I'm a big believer that routines and rituals support your wellbeing, because without self care there is no self love, and then we have nothing left to give!

These practices are fool proof and simple, so there's no excuse not to take care of yourself, especially this holiday season!

It's time to tone it up!

Apparently things start changing as we get older, but I always just assumed that was way into the future - hello wrinkles already!

I'm okay with it (sort of), I just became aware a few months back that my daily walks and gentle yoga weren't cutting it in the body sculpting department anymore. As women, it is so important that we stay strong - one for our bones, and 2 for our metabolism!

So, as much as I dreaded working out, I decided it was time.

I knew I wasn't going to enjoy lifting weights and going to a gym, so I reached out to my college friend who's been posting all sorts of fun beachbody instagrams, and I inquired.

Sure enough, there's a workout for anybody, and they're each about 30 minutes long, done right from your own home - streamed online! Yes please!

I chose piyo among the 30 some odd workouts (cize is also amazing) because its a fusion of yoga, pilates and cardio - no weights required, which is a good thing since I tend to bulk up too easily. I love the workouts, and I've made it part of my morning routine (maybe 3/4 days of the week) - just pressing play, and then I'm on with my day!

I drink Shakeology everyday.

Have you heard of Shakeology? I wasn't an advocate of powdered protein when I started on my macrobiotic and ayurveda practices years ago, because I believed we didn't need that much protein, and there's no prana (life force) in it! But I have since changed my tune!

For one, its a daily insurance that I'm getting at least one dense nutrition meal in per day, whether its a snack or a meal. The clincher for me was all the AMAZING superfoods and ayurvedic herbs that are in each scoop! It's like taking a daily multi vitamin each day and its oh-so-good.

I get the vegan vanilla and mix it with almond milk, banana, blueberries, cinnamon and nutmeg. It hits the spot every time and makes me feel energized and healthy. PLUS, I've noticed I haven't gotten sick once since starting to drink this! Wahe Guru!

Cooking dinner.

While I love to cook, sometimes the prep beforehand is just too much for us to think about with our work schedules. So, often times we'll order out or just make something really simple for dinner (hello gluten free chicken fingers and roasted broccoli!) , until I finally tried one of those meal delivery services, and o.m.g., what a lifesaver!

You literally have no excuse to not eat a healthy, balanced dinner anymore. I prefer Sunbasket because they're eco conscious and source only organic food and ethically raised animal protein, plus they send it in recyclable packaging - win/win!

I love it because there's minimal clean up, it takes the thought out of what you're going to make/eat, and it's super easy - all the ingredients are already portioned out, you just assemble and cook. Plus, it gets your cooking juices flowing so you can get creative in the kitch when your on your own!

The meals take 30 minutes or less and the menu changes each week for variety and fun. You can choose any category based on your own dietary needs/restrictions. We chose the chef plan and it's $12 per person, so that's pretty good if you ask me! It would be spent either at the grocery store or a take out meal anyways!

I hope you take on these practices so you can start looking and feeling your best and enjoying your life stress free, with grace and ease!