A Simple, Satisfying, Supercharged Breakfast

Inspired by my friend Natalie, who's a super cool Beach Body Coach with tons of awesome recipe inspiration, I amped up my vata-pacifying breakfast of almond butter and honey, and spruced it up with banana slices and bee pollen! The end result: Pure perfection!

One of my rotating breakfast options given to me by my Ayurvedic Practitioner was to eat Ezekiel (sprouted grain/legume) toast with almond butter and 1tsp of honey. It's a building/nourishing breakfast that supports my vata, and is perfect for fall/winter season. I love it!

Once I saw Natalie's post about her ezekiel english muffin with peanut butter and sliced bananas, I was like, 'okay, it's time to change it up!'. I still have yet to buy the english muffins (I need to check whether there's flour in those first), and peanut butter is not the best option for me (being a Blood Type O), so I improvised.

I use raw, organic almond butter (Justin brand as backup as seen in the photo) and spread it evenly on the ezekiel toast. Then I place sliced bananas to cover and drizzle 1/2tsp of raw, organic honey on each slice, followed by a sprinkling of bee pollen for extra immunity support!

I hope you try it and enjoy! Break the fast with joy at your spiritual meal! :)