Just How Important is Your Shampoo, Curly Girls?

I get this question from clients all the time. That, and which product is the most important to purchase? While it varies from person to person, my answer usually is that the conditioner and styling product you use is of primary concern. That was before I tried Ouidad's Nourishing Oil Shampoo (see below)! 

Okay, so here's the deal. Shampoo is intended to cleanse and remove product and oil build up, right? Which shampoo you use and how often you use it depends largely on your hair's curl pattern and texture.

For instance, my hair is medium texture with tight/classic/kinky curls, which means it is important that I preserve the moisture in my hair. I wouldn't want to use a shampoo designed for fine/straight hair because it would be too aggressive and leave my hair frizzy.

Shampooing too often can strip the natural oils from your hair, creating overactive oil sebacious glands, leading to greasy hair. That's why it is recommended to shampoo every 2/3 days. Which shampoo you use depends on your hair's curl pattern/texture, current state of health, desired outcome and/or specialized situation (ie: swimmer, scalp condition, etc.).

In the Ouidad line of products that I am specialized in as a Curl Expert, you could choose between the following, based on your curl pattern/texture/concern:

  • The Play Curl Shampoo for loose curls/fine texture to add volume and plump up your curls without drying them out.
  • The Clear and Gentle Shampoo for loose/classic curls and fine/medium texture, used as the universal shampoo that is a low pH, low sudsing, gentle cleanser.
  • The Curl Quencher Shampoo for kinky/coarse curls that are really thirsty for moisture.
  • Water Works Clarifying Shampoo for swimmers, or clients who go more than 3 days between shampoos to remove hard water/chlorine and product buildup without stripping the hair of its natural oils.
  • Color Sense Shampoo is the sulfate free choice for those sensitive to any fading in their hair due to chemical processes like color or smoothing treatments.
  • The NEW Advanced Climate Control shampoo for curls who struggle in the humidity! This shampoo keeps the moisture in and the humidity out, just in time for summer!
  • MY LATEST FAVE is the Nourishing Oil Shampoo, which is amazing at infusing dry/damaged hair to help even out the porosity in the cuticle. It's sulfate free and ultra healing!  

*Here's a little tip for dry scalp from Ouidad Expert, Sondriel of the Ouidad Flagship Salon, Fort Lauderdale. She told me to use the Krly Kids Shampoo and add tea tree oil to it. Genius!

So, there you have it. As much as the conditioner and styling product are important, so is your shampoo. Treat your hair like you treat your skin. You wouldn't use low quality soap on your face, would you? Hair care should be approached just like your skin care routine. 

Vive le curl!