An Exercise to Calm your Emotions

I was just looking through my photos on my phone and realized there was a lot of celebrating that went on during my Venus period! We all have our own personal planetary phases throughout the year that last 52 days at a time, and each one offers a different energy/experience, according to my yoga studies.

Venus is the planet of LOVE - a celebration of beauty, the arts, parties, nature, animals, your home, self care and relationships. There is a time for everything, but not all at the same time - it is a constant ebb and flow, but knowing how to chart your course is pretty empowering!

For instance, during your Venus period, you should focus on these aspects mentioned above, and enjoy them! They are gifts from God! It is the perfect time to enter into a relationship (I met my beloved during this period in 2014), the best time to get your hair done, schedule massages, host/go to a party, go shopping (everyone will gush over what you bought!), go on dates, or go to the theatre!

My Venus period ended on June 30th, and now I have entered into my final period of my personal calendar year, Saturn. Saturn is a time to go within, to reflect, to sit in prayer/meditation, to study spirituality, and to steer clear of potential obstacles. Saturn is the Divine Mother, the energy/experience that challenges your discipline, endurance/strength, and gives you lessons that need to be learned.

On a universal level, however, we are all in the planetary phase of Mars, and collectively experiencing the energy that Mars puts out - action, physical energy, heat/transformation, recklessness, temptation, sex, manifestation, anger, destruction/construction and magnetism. Keep yourself in check by avoiding potential accidents, limiting alcohol and coffee, refraining from being reactive, and putting your energy/time into your physical body (working out/yoga) and charitable opportunities. 

Here's a breathing exercise to help balance the excess heat that leads to anger, aggression and reactivity:

  • Sit in a chair with your feet on the floor, or in easy pose - legs crossed on the floor. Close your eyes and stick your tongue out and curl it up like a taco. If you can't curl your tongue, pretend that you're sipping air through a straw with your mouth and inhale through the mouth. Close your mouth/bring your tongue in and exhale through the nose. Continue like this. Hands can be in gyan mudra - thumbs and pointer fingers to touch (for intuition) and your focus is in between your brows at the third eye. Practice this breathing for 3-11 minutes or anytime you need to cool down your emotions (ie in a car - hello road rage!, or in a long line) and breathe on!

If you'd like to learn more about how Naam Yoga Therapies can help you in life, please visit my Energy Healing program page.

Happy Summer!