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I set out to do a 3 day cleanse and quit after 2 days. Do you believe it?! Why did I quit when I was more than half way through?

Because my body and mind were stressed out!

I've done many cleanses before and used to love doing them, but since I've found some balance in my diet, the last 2 times I've tried a cleanse, I've did not enjoy. (Read what happened last time here.) No bueno!

I figured this 3 day cleanse would be a quick reset because it had been awhile since I'd done a cleanse, I had been feeling some digestive issues resurfacing, and was feeling fatigued/not sleeping well. Let's not forget to mention my cookie overdose during the holidays.

So, 3 days sounded easy-peasy right?

This was a cleanse I'd never done before, and it seemed pretty manageable, compared to what I'd done in the past - 3 shakes + vegetables + healthy fats + fruit. I could eat! All sounded good.

O.M.G. I have never been so famished in my life! 

BUT, I did learn some things, because there's always a silver lining, so I wanted to share them with you here.

First and foremost, I learned to pay attention to my inner voice.

There's so much wisdom in that intuition, and it comes with establishing your own health style - I had to honor it. It was screaming at me saying, "Kate, why are you doing this? You don't have to do this. Be nice to your body, don't starve it!"

Secondly, I re-confirmed the fact that I don't do portion control.

I just don't. I have a big appetite, and that's that. I'm a pitta dosha and a Blood type 0, so...I like big meals not 2 celery stalks with 2 TBS of hummus...that's a snack, not a meal for me!

Thirdly, if I'm getting up in the middle of the night because I'm starved, that is not something that's serving me.

When I did wake up at 4am to go in the kitchen, stressing out about if I was going to continue on the cleanse the next day or not, and what should I eat so I could go back to sleep, I heard 2 things loud and clear reminding me of what I learned during my spiritual coaching sessions when I used to do all those cleanses years ago.

The reminder was, 'you're sending your body a message that you don't like it' when you keep cleansing.

This hit home for me because self love and self care are so important - being kind to yourself is so important if you ever want to find true happiness, and while cleansing can be loving, it can also be too restrictive/controlled/fear based.

Balance is the middle path, and the middle path always leads us to love.

Find balance in each day. Not extremes swinging from detox/retox mode.

One practice my coach had given me back then, that came to mind during those wee hours of the night, was to mentally or quietly chant a mantra to yourself while in the shower washing up/lotioning up.

Say, "I love my body exactly the way it is, right now".

Say that over and over again each day and you'll soon find that inner wisdom that leads you back to love and truth, time and time again.

The other practice that I couldn't wait to do the next morning was to look at myself in the mirror and say, "I love you Kate. How are you?" And then I added, 'I'm sorry I was starving you. I promise to be good to you and take care of you today."

This is powerful stuff, my friends.

I'm grateful for the reminders and for all that I've learned when I was deep in my vegan/macrobiotic/cleansing craze, and I hope this serves you too when you're considering doing a cleanse/'dieting'.

It can be a slippery slope when we obsess about the food we take in - whether good or bad. Balance is so key.

I will say, however, that this cleanse did help me to get back into the groove of choosing healthy snacks. Celery and almond butter or hummus are great choices, as well as carrots and any veg with hummus, and an apple/banana with almond butter!

I hope you find a practice that works for you, guided by your own inner wisdom. Let me know if I can help you!