I’m Grateful For This

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I didn’t realize the importance of this until recently.

One thing I’ve loved about living anywhere, whether it was L.A., Boston, or now the Cape, is being connected to the yoga community.

This community could be a number of different things for you - the gym, music/art classes, running club, walking/hiking club, different meetup groups, etc.

When I set out to practice yoga in L.A., I was just looking to heal myself, to find fulfillment, purpose, peace and connection.

I didn’t realize until later, that just by showing up, I was a part of something greater than just little ole me.

I can walk or run or go for a bike ride by myself and have a grand time, but walking into a yoga class, whether I talk to anyone or not, immediately connects me to community.

What do you mean, or what does this actually feel like, you ask?

It feels like I’m supported in striving to be a better person. It feels good knowing that just by showing up, I’m contributing to allowing the intentional energy to grow for others. It’s feeling like I’m a part of a group of like-minds who share in similar dreams and goals. It’s comforting seeing familiar faces and meeting new people that just might improve my life.

The opportunities are endless.

I didn’t actually truly get this until just a couple weeks ago.

For the past year, I was working out/practicing yoga at home because I felt like it was ‘more efficient’ for my schedule.

I enjoyed it for awhile, but then all of a sudden, I started realizing that I was missing something. I wasn’t seeing anybody anymore. I was relying solely on social media to see what my yogi friends were up to.

I finally realized I thoroughly missed going to yoga class!

Not just for my own practice, but for bumping into familiar faces!

Sounds kinda silly but the energy behind that is so powerful.

Just after 2 classes last week, I was so filled up by talking to or just seeing familiar yogis, that I instantly knew this was a void in my life.

I am so grateful for community.

Wherever you are, whatever your interests are, you have a ‘family’ waiting for you so you can feel connected.

If you’re not already part of something greater than yourself, look at meet-up groups or check out your local guides to see what’s going on in your area that you’d be interested in. It’s so important and nourishing.

So thank you for being a part of this community, where you allow me to use this platform to share thoughts and ideas on self care.

How can you reach out to your community?

Happy Thanksgiving!