Have you jumped on the Celery Juice Train yet?

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I am fascinated by this miraculous superfood healing protocol!

All of a sudden, I started seeing lots of instagramers posting about their celery juice drinking rituals and I was like, “well, I guess it’s time to try it!”

My friend Rhia, who is a yoga teacher and health consultant here on Cape Cod first started telling me about her celery juice drinking, fruit forward lifestyle about 4 years ago. She’s been following the Medical Medium, Anthony William’s protocol for over 9 years now, and actually works for him too so she’s got the full scoop!

I used to see how she cared for herself but it didn’t resonate with me then, as I was practicing more of an ayurvedic lifestyle.

Now that I’ve come far away from my Macrobiotics and Ayurvedic lifestyle and eat ‘a little bit of everything’ now, I’m starting to see the simplicity and beauty of what Anthony William and Rhia practice.

Eat fruits. Eat vegetables. Drink Celery Juice.

Pretty easy and honestly feels amazing!

I just recently started having cravings for all things fruit - blueberries, watermelons, pineapples, raspberries, oranges, papaya and it feels SO good! It’s nature’s candy!

I also broke out my dusty juicer.

It’s probably been 2 years since I’ve used it, and I forgot just how easy it is to get your fruits and veggies in!

Celery juice is so healing, you guys!

By just drinking one 16oz glass a day, first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, you can heal pretty much anything going on in your body - from skin conditions to ‘autoimmune diseases’ to chronic illness.

This is because celery juice has the amazing benefits of killing off all the bad ‘bugs’ in your digestive track, which is the root of all dis-eases!

The key is to drink it solo.

If it’s too hard to do at first, Rhia advises to mix in apple and cucumber, and then ease into celery solo.

Check out this article about Celery Juice 101 for all the goods!

During this holiday season, let’s focus on putting in the good, and not worrying about the not-so-good. Sound good?

Who wants to hop on the Celery Juice train with me and start doing one great thing for yourself everyday?

If you sign up for the newsletter on Medical Medium’s site, you’ll get his list of the top 10 healing foods, which is super helpful! You might also want to read his Medical Medium book to get a glimpse as to why he is 20 years ahead of medical research and technology! It’s amazing!

Cheers to good health!