Finally, no Frizz!


I'm so excited to report that my hair has actually been looking good this time around in the Azores!

In the past few visits, my hair looked like it did when I was at my worst in 8th grade! Ahh!! Talk about a frizz halo! It was so discouraging.

The winter here in the Azores is their rainy season, and so being here my hair is basically in a constant state of that 'misty shower air' that I am always so careful to cover up with a shower cap in!

So, you can guess my cringe factor knowing I don't have control over my hair here - until now!

The antidote to frizz problems is good condition, my friends!

I know this, but I don't always take as big of an initiative as I should with my own hair. Really, I should be doing the Ouidad Deep Treatment every 2 weeks for my hair to perform optimally. This is based on my unique curl pattern and the fact that I highlight my hair.

Other people might be able to go every 4 weeks with a treatment, but every 2/3 is ideal for me.

Unfortunately though, it is inevitable that even when my hair is optimally conditioned, humidity can still result in frizz for me. :(

Until now!

I learned of this new smoothing system product called New Plastic that's completely organic and non toxic. Its main ingredient is sacha inchi, which is a protein chain of essential amino acids to fill in the porosity of your hair and lock in hydration.

***This little ingredient just also happens to be great for your health - helping aid in weight loss, bone health, brain health, heart health, etc. - plus its the main ingredients in the nutrition drink, Shakeology, that I sell! Ask me for more info if you're interested.

Back to the treatment.

It lasts 3-6 months and totally takes care of your frizz factor. It will also loosen your curls if you let it process longer. It's perfect for those curly girls who desire a smooth look and want to cut their blow dry time in half.

It's also ideal for humid climates - hello summer and vacations!

It fades off evenly too, which is a bonus! Depending on your hair, you could do it 1 to 4 times a year, or just as needed, like I did before this trip. To extend the life of your treatment, make sure to use sulfate free shampoo and masks like Ouidad's Triple Treat Conditioner or Deva Curl Sea Mask.

I will say, I kinda miss the body in my hair, but I really appreciate the ease of not having to worry about whether it looks like a frizzy haired 8th grader, plus I know it's not permanent.

If I wanted to make it fade quicker, I could just start doing the Ouidad Deep Treatment more often and the cuticle would expand and let the treatment seep out. 

Check it out online and see if you can find a stylist near you who offers the treatment! Unless, of course you're one of my clients.

Til next time, keep doing your deep treatments and masks!