5 ways to 'lighten up' in winter


I don't know about you, but when winter comes down on us, everything just feels so....stagnant. Stagnant air. Stagnant days. Stagnant lifestyle. You get the picture.

So, let's un-stagnant these winter woes, shall we?! Here are 5 things you can do each day to get out from under winter's heaviness.

Open your windows!

That's right, I know it's cold out there and the heat's on, but you need to let some fresh air in! Just crack the window in your kitchen, bedroom and bathroom for 15 minutes. You'll be amazed at how refreshed you and the house will feel!

Walk outside!

Yep. Get all your winter gear on and take a 15-30 minute walk in the snow (you may need snow shoes), in the ice, in the whipping wind! I promise you'll feel so invigorated! I personally think walking in the winter is way better than the summer!

Just do yoga.

Even if you're a hard core athlete, weight lifting, fitness babe, or don't exercise more than a walk, just try yoga once a week - preferably at the end of your work week, or the beginning. I promise you, you will feel lighter, brighter and happier. You've got to let that prana flow, yo! Yoga opens up our bodies and gets the breath flowing throughout all the stagnant areas. Try vinyasa, restorative, power, kundalini, naam or bikram to name a few, or read this article to find your yoga style.

Take Vitamin D

If you don't know about this yet, you must get on board! If our bodies don't see the sun on a daily basis, guess what? We don't get our daily dose! And we need our daily dose because without it, we can become depressed and get sick. I recommend a liquid form made from sheep lanolin. We use spectrum brand, but you could also order from here. 

Bring plants inside!

Plants purify the air in the home, bring a feeling of wellbeing, and boost your mood to name a few. Succulents are easy, bamboo, peace lilies, and spider plants all live in our home, and I'm no green thumb, so go get yourself some to spruce up your kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, or home office! 

I hope these tips serve you throughout winter!