A Ouidad Flagship Experience

As a curly hair specialist, it is hard for me to be a client because I know exactly what should be done to my hair. Since I can't reach around my head and cut my own hair using curly hair cutting techniques, I am at other stylists disposal!

It is so hard not having a Ouidad Flagship Salon near me to go get some curl love whenever I want, so I took full advantage of my trip to Florida last month to be a client myself at the Ouidad Flagship Salon in Fort Lauderdale.  

To all stylists out there, it is SO important to be a client yourself so that you can experience how you want to be treated/serviced. For more tips on becoming a great stylist, read this post

I was super excited to go to the Flagship Salon to reconnect with my Ouidad family! It's been 5 years since I worked for the Flagship Salon in Santa Monica and I miss the core team of curl experts! I was visiting my mom in West Palm Beach and knew I needed to take advantage of being only an hour away to book in with Sondriel for a full curl softening, deep treatment and cut, and it was well worth it!

While in the chair with Sondriel, I was completely relaxed! I was confident she would take good care of me because that's the beauty of a curl expert! Sondriel is a Curl Master, having literally grown up in the NYC Flagship with her mother, as the mother of all mentors, Ouidad herself. The girl knows her stuff, and Florida is lucky to have her! I know I'll at least be making annual trips down there to see her while visiting my mom!

I was inspired and learned so much from her during my visit! Being in the role of client, rather than stylist, I was open to different perspectives and ideas, and am grateful to bring these tools into my own services and styling routine. 

For one, she turned me on to the new Advanced Climate Control Heat Spray. I always go straight to the gel, post shower, but she sprayed that into my hair before styling and I am now hooked! It left my hair super silky and shiny and held up against that Florida humidity! It's the ultimate must-have summer product, along with my other recommendations.

She also gave me a tip for dry scalp - she suggested I mix tea tree oil into the Krly Kids shampoo so that it will heal the dryness while still moisturizing the curls - brilliant!

I also loved how she applied my deep treatment! She mixed essential oils into the deep treatment right in front of me for an extracts infused experience. She applied the treatment while I was in the chair, rather than at the sink, and sectioned my hair into lots of subsections, twisting the hair together so it was fully submerged, and wrapping me in saran wrap so I didn't look like an old lady with a processing cap on. That was definitely something special that I plan on doing for my clients too!

All these little tidbits I picked up from being in the chair, help to enhance my approach as a stylist. I recommend to all stylists to get their hair done at a salon they don't work in - as a paying client, a few times a year. It will greatly improve your craft.

If you ever get the chance to go to a Ouidad Flagship Salon in NYC, Santa Monica or Fort Lauderdale, you should definitely give yourself the full on experience and at least get a treatment or curly style. Each salon offers something a little different, and Fort Lauderdale's is really fun - from the candy and snack jars to the old school Ouidad packaging product display, it's a one of a kind experience.

If you can't make it to a Flagship, at least seek out a certified Ouidad stylist on the salon locator here.