Azores Adventures: Restaurant Raves

If you have read my past blogs posts about this special island, or seen my instagram snaps, you'll know that we love the Azores! The last time we were there, it was my third visit - Paul's fifth. We got engaged there, and honeymooned there, and still appreciate and enjoy it more and more each time.

The energy there is so happy and light. It's clean, its safe, it's absolutely beautiful, old world, traditional, yet with an international buzz in the city. The food is the freshest around, the air is so clean, the climate so pleasant, and the island vibe is easy to relax into.

On our last visit, we tried a few new restaurants that were totally hip with the highest quality, freshest ingredients around. In Ponta Delgada we loved:

A Tasca. Better be sure to make a reservation here, as it is the hottest spot in Ponta Delgada, and understandably so! They serve lots of Azorean fare in a totally hipster setting, great wine list, bustling scene, family style portions and as always the freshest and best quality! 

Taberna Acor. We loved this spot which was recommended to us after we couldn't get into A Tasca, and we're so grateful we got to experience it! It was the perfect late lunch meal in a cute, modern, yet traditional azorean environment. Get ready to be adventurous with this menu. We had the charcuterie board and I loved sampling all their cheeses and homemade jams. It was a meal in itself. Great, friendly staff as usual on the island! A must try.

Casa de Rosa. So FUN! What a nightlife scene! We sat at the bar here after we tried to get into A Tasca (the first time), and were so excited to be there! It's so lively; the food is amazing! It's a perfect young persons scene with great drinks and wine. It fills up to capacity quickly too and the specials are always changing, so come hungry and open to try anything!

Natur Frozen Yogurt. I dream about this place when I'm home in the states. I just love everything about it - the store, the cute quotes, the locally sourced ingredients, the pure fun of it! You must get yourself a snack when you're there because you'll be grinning from ear to ear, I promise!

In Furnas, we loved:

King Burguer. Paul had a hankering for chicken wings, and so we were told to go here. This is quite the locals scene, so get ready for their simplicity and casual approach - which we love! Along with the wings, which were pretty perfect, we had to try a burger at King Burguer, right? Well, it was the best of the best - especially because it was on bolos levedos (the sweet bread of Furnas). O.M.G.!

And speaking of, you can't go to Furnas without visiting Gloria Moniz Bolos Levedos bakery filled with the best bread and pastries you can get your hands on! 

I hope you can experience all the love there someday!