The Benefits of Beach Yoga {+ a meditation for rejuvenation}

Photo Credit to my talented fiance, Paul Blackmore! ;)

Photo Credit to my talented fiance, Paul Blackmore! ;)

As some of you may know, I've been leading a FREE Naam Yoga class on the beach once a week this summer. I started doing it because I felt it was a Divine responsibility of mine to start teaching my community the healing powers of Naam, and I needed to get some practice in.

I chose Red River Beach in Harwich because it was right down the street from my house and was a free space. I knew it would be magical to be there at sunset, but I had no idea just how special it would be to practice Naam at that hour and location! It has truly been a gift to me and to my fellow students.

Here's what one student says: "I felt moved after just one class, never mind the whole summer. It changed my thought process and redirected my life in a state of pure happiness, clearing any negativity out of my mind to have a sense of clarity and enlightenment I feel everyone should have in their lives! I am looking forward to continuing this journey and can't say enough about this amazing practice!" - Mara Neves

This Tuesday night (tonight) will be the last class of the summer series and I hope to do it again next summer! Teaching has really inspired me in so many ways that I am so excited to continue teaching once a week throughout the year. I am working out the place and time and will be sure to announce it once I do! :)

Let me see if I can allow you to understand why practicing Naam on the beach is so special.

First off, according to my beloved teacher Dr. Levry's book, "The Healing Powers of the Sun", we must learn how to pay homage to the sun, to work with it to receive it's bountiful gifts and absorb its beneficial rays. Sunrise and sunset are the most potent times to connect with the Sun to receive its energy. It is vital for us to establish contact with it everyday to purify our thoughts and feelings - it is the physical form of the Christic Force. 

Sunset is a time for balance and protection, and Sunrise is a time for rejuvenation and revitalization of the spirit - with those tides occurring between the hours of 4 and 7, taking advantage of these tides to recharge and strengthen our electromagnetic field. You can gaze at the sun when it's 30 degrees in the sky or below, because this is the 'Spiritual Sun' hours.

Dr. Levry says,  "At sunset, your aura goes out of balance due to the shift in tides, therefore you are more open to mental, physical and emotional disturbances. It is at this time that you must adjust your magnetic field."

Meditations will cover you for about 12 hours - sunrise to sunset. That's why when we connect to the sun as we're practicing our yoga, there is a powerful shift that resets us and carries us into the next day and sets the tone for the week!

While we're at the beach, we are surrounded by not only the sun element, but the water element of the ocean and the moon. But what I didn't know until reading through this book is that the reason people are drawn to the ocean and love to sit there and gaze at it is because 'oceans are giant reservoirs of sunlight'. It's so rejuvenating because it continuously absorbs the healing rays of the sun!

"It is the sunlight energy combined with the moon aspect of water that not only gives the sea and beaches their neutral and healing qualities, but also their powerful appeal. The sun shines down on the sea and fills it with its own light and energy so that when we breathe its air or eat some of its food such as seaweed, we, in turn, receive some of the life force that comes from the sun.", Dr. Levry says.

Breathing, praying and moving our bodies while gazing at the ocean and watching the sun set has had a tremendous affect on us during our classes. I am so grateful to have received these blessed tools to teach, and am grateful for my friends and students who have come out to experience what Naam can do for overall health and wellness. 

One of the meditations we did in class (pictured above) was doing Canon Breath (breath of fire through O shape mouth) with Circulation Mudra (right palm up, left palm down - slide right hand over left so that the 2 middle fingers rest on top of the back of the left hand) as a symbol to the universe that we are opting for life and saying bye-bye to death / negativity / fear. 

For more meditation tips, click here.

I hope to see you tonight at 6:30 on the far left side of Red River Beach for a Seated Shakti Naam Kriya. Bring a towel and some water and soak up all the healing benefits!

Wahe Guru!