Restaurant Rave {Cape Cod International Cuisine}

El Patron, Brewster, Cape Cod, MA
El Patron, Brewster, Cape Cod, MA

If you're new to my Restaurant Rave column, you'll soon find out that I love food - anything cooked with love that offers a unique perspective on cultures, cuisines, quality ingredients, artistry, and style! I love to nourish my body with healthy ingredients, but also to nourish my soul with a sense of love, connection, inspiration and diverse experiences, so that's why I think dining out is an integral part in developing a healthy relationship with food. My Diet Design sessions help clients to develop a menu plan to support their lifestyle, a set of healthy habits they can access everyday, and guidance on the best quality food to eat (favorite food finds and restaurant raves). I am often asked which restaurants I've been going to lately, and so here's my most recent round up for Cape Cod: 

El Patron is the newest, most authentic, stylish Mexican cuisine on the Cape Cod scene in Brewster. 

-The Vibe:  It kind of looks like an Irish pub from the outside, but once you step foot inside, you'll immediately feel like you're in Mexico, or at least southern California, with the spanish music and colorful walls ~ not to mention the tequila aficionado offerings behind the bar + the unique menu options!

-What to Eat: I got 4 corn tacos, each with different meats - lamb, pulled chicken, carne asada (second fave), and fried fish (my fave) pictured above.

Paul got some enchilada and carne asada combo, and we each had 2 different tequila drinks -  mine with pineapple and went down very easily to say the least!

Opa (means "let's celebrate") for Estia in Mashpee Commons!

-The Vibe: Totally Greek! Open air, coal fire pizza kitchen with a chic, homey, family style dining invitation.

-What we ate: I have never had SUCH an amazing greek salad before - their traditional village salad is totally authentic and exceptional + we had the most incredible coal fired wings, saganaki opa for the real greek flare (literally), and the estia pizza. Everything was cooked with such integrity with a fun spin. 

Gemini Caribbean Mart in Hyannis.

-The Vibe: Straight up caribbean - from the root vegetables and fruits, to the body products and jamaican tongue, you would never guess you're on the Cape. You can buy any of your caribbean dreams there, and eat just like they do at home by ordering food at the counter.

-What we ate: Curried Goat. Don't knock it til you try it! It's so sweet and comforting, yet light! They serve it with their traditional rice and beans side dish. You could also try ox tail soup there and sweet cakes! It's a total trip and quite the cultural experience! I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

Be sure to stay tuned for my next roundup - I'm really excited about one in particular! Til then, check out last year's list of restaurant raves on Cape.