Step into Summer with these Smoothie Recipes

Step into Summer with these Smoothie Recipes

Happy Summer Solstice upon us! It's so nice to finally be seeing life again here on Cape Cod. As with the Vata (winter) to Kapha (spring) seasons of Ayurveda, where we naturally moved from heavy, heartier foods to lighter, more astringent foods to help us detox from the weight of winter, we now move from Kapha to Pitta (summer) season.

Smoothies are a great way to do that.

Healthy Hair Habits to Restore Natural Color + Luster

Healthy Hair Habits to Restore Natural Color + Luster

I read a Hair Health article the other day on the insight blog by Banyan Botanicals, and took some notes to share with you all! I've mentioned in a previous blog post about my love for using Healthy Hair Oil as a treatment once a month, but here are a few more cliff notes on why your hair self care routine is so important to your overall health!

Summertime Self Care Solutions

Summertime Self Care Solutions

Well, it's official, summer is upon us! As the sun reached it's highest point last week, marking the Summer Solstice, and the full moon pulled down towards us, we had a chance to align with the yin and yang within us and surrounding us. As we transition into the summer season, let's all remember to dance with this delicate balance.

Menu Planning {+ Recipe}: A Nourishing and Tasty Lunch Idea

Menu Planning {+ Recipe}: A Nourishing and Tasty Lunch Idea

As most of you probably know already, I have practiced the art of cooking and eating through Macrobiotics, and Ayurveda, to heal myself with food.

Ayurveda literally translates to mean, "the study of life", and is derived from the Indian / Yogic culture, while Macrobiotics translates to mean, "The Big Picture of Life", which is derived from Chinese Medicine, and actually initially derived from Ayurveda.

Ayurveda came first, as did Yoga, when the first inhabitants of the world were learning how to take care of themselves, but once the sages expanded outward towards Asia, new methods of preventing disease were discovered.

Healthy Habits: Why I Eat What I Want and Don't Gain Weight {within reason}

Healthy Habits: Why I Eat What I Want and Don't Gain Weight {within reason}

A friend of mine asked me this the other day: "why is it that you can eat anything you want and you don't gain weight?" Now, I may fluctuate a few pounds here and there (as a women, that's a normal part of our monthly routine) but for the most part this question was fair, and I have an answer for her, and you!

Kick that Cold with these {Natural} Remedies

Kick that Cold with these {Natural} Remedies

As much as I like to think I have a strong immune system as a result of doing many self care practices (harmonyum healing, yoga, eating organic, locally and with the seasons, and chiropractic care) to keep me healthy, it was inevitable that I came down with a cold last week, after many of my co-workers at the salon did, and with what the risks of working in close proximity to people all day will eventually do. The fall is also that time of year when we're transitioning from the heat to the cold that our bodies will naturally detox the build up of an imbalance, and germs and viruses start flying around! Here's my remedies: 

Healthy Habits: Women's Healthy Cycle Support

Healthy Habits: Women's Healthy Cycle Support

I just finished watching one of my fave Ayurveda Experts' livestream video on Women's Health, according to Ayurveda practices and it was so inspiring that I thought I'd sum up what I learned and share it with you all.

Another Way to Stay Cool in Summer

Rosewater Rosewater to the Rescue!!!

Is anyone else sweltering in this outrageous heat?! Maybe it's just my Pitta nature, but I have been experiencing a major increase in being 'pitta provoked', aka an imbalance in my pitta dominant dosha. This is all Ayurveda speak in case you were wondering, which is the study of life from a yoga perspective. Simply put, the doshas correlate to the seasons, one of them being summer / pitta.

When pitta is 'provoked', it gets really hot and bothered, becomes sharp and intense and is in need of some cool, sweet, restorative calmness!

There are many ways to stay cool in the summer, which you can read in my last post here, but I've added this delightful tip too! Go buy yourself some rosewater and spray it all over your body, put it in your body oil, or in an aromatherapy diffuser and bask in the sweet softness! You can even try this recipe which I plan on doing soon too, to make a Rosewater Limeade!

Stay Cool (try this other tip), and Spray Rosewater this Summer!


Supplements for YOUR Health and Vitality

My supplements There are so many ways to go when it comes to taking supplements! Do you feel overwhelmed with which ones to take? Welcome to the club!

Supplements are meant to supplement your diet with vitamins and minerals you're not getting with food, so turn to food first for keeping your body healthy, but keep in mind that our bodies don't always absorb these nutrients based on so many things ~ how we eat, when we eat and what our body composition is made up of, to name a few. Not to mention that we are living in a toxic world, and are all stressed out, which taxes our systems and the ability to properly function!

There are so many approaches when deciding which supplements to take for YOU, right now (it will always change/evolve based on where you are in the present moment with your health).

For instance, I used to take a B12 vitamin because I wasn't eating meat a few years ago, but now I do, and I don't feel it's necessary anymore. Just like when I was having digestive difficulties, I would take a Vata digest pill, and drink aloe vera gel, but I"m not dealing with that anymore either. I used to also take Shatavari to promote healthy menstrual cycles, but that's all taken care of now too, so it appears my supplement list is dwindling down. :)

Right now I take: Probiotics (for healthy bacterial flora in the gut), Vitamin D3, gingko (for brain/spine), turmeric (to counteract any inflammation) and magnesium (for my musculo-skeletal system).

Based on what I've learned, I believe everyone should consider taking a daily fish oil, Vitamin D3, and a probiotic. These seem to be at the cornerstone of good health, along with your daily greens to alkalize and reduce inflammation in the body. If you're not getting them with food, Vitamineral Greens or Greens First or Core Greens are a great source!

Your health and your immune system start in your gut, so that's why probiotics are important. I recommend checking out Dr. Junger's website/books for info on a healthy gut.  There's some really amazing info there, and also a list of the supplements he recommends!

I also recommend customizing your regimen based on your Blood Type and your Ayurvedic Constitution. There are specific things your particular body composition can benefit from versus someone else, also things you should avoid too!

In ayurvedic practices, you can  address any health challenge by dealing with the root cause, and there are supplements to help with that, along with diet. I suggest taking your dosha quiz and finding out which supplements can support you where you are now.

I hope this helps you all!

In good health,



Are you ready for the Summertime Heat?

Pitta Massage Oil It's finally feeling like summer here on good ole Cape Cod! Summertime is associated with the Pitta Season in Ayurveda Practices so that's why I ordered Pitta Massage Oil for my skin! This awesome concoction was formulated with specific cooling and cleansing herbs like brahmi that keep the body and mind cool in the heat of the summer. I practice a self massage everyday called abyhanga in Ayurveda. It's a very calm and grounding ritual that I love in my self care practices which helps remove toxins and promote healthy circulation.

Pitta is linked to the fire element of nature which correlates with our digestion. Nature has it all figured out for us, Thank God, to help us stay cool during these months with the cooling qualities that come from fruits and veggies! Think berries, cucumbers, and coconut water to name a few. That's why it's SO important to eat locally and with the seasons!

Some basic suggestions during the heat of summer are to be sure to stay hydrated with cool water, adding some mint leaves or steeping a cup of mint iced tea to really keep you extra cool, and to try not to be outside in the bright sun during the peak hours of 10-2.. You can read the full summer guide here from one of my favorite  Ayurveda sites and see which supplements, yoga poses and dietary suggestions may be beneficial to you. I highly recommend reading it!!! Also, check my latest post for an ayurvedic approach to growing healthy hair! :)

Salute to Summer!


The Benefits of Eating From Our Garden! {Recipes and Health Tips Included}

Harvest Bundle I feel so connected to the Source of all things now that I've been learning and tending to our abundant garden!

I feel so in tune with the cycles of life, with the birthing/mothering and flowering of a fruit/veg, the importance of everything starting from a seed, the cultivation process, and directing prana/chi/sunlight energy to what we want to grow or create by pulling weeds and creating that space for life force to flow. I could go on and on, but alas, you cannot beat eating seasonally and locally for the best health and wellbeing benefits!

We are filled with such a sense of deep appreciation when we bring our harvest basket inside! Then it's time to get creative and cook! Here's what we've been up to:

~We have kale and snap peas coming out of our ears right now! (Below is the pic of the bonus kale that started growing out of our compost pile!!! Wahe Guru!)

compost pile

Kale is a bitter veg which is known to detox the liver according to Chinese Medicine and Macrobiotics. It helps reduce inflammation in the body and alkalizes the blood which gives you clear skin (more info on that here) and keeps the immune system strong. It's also very cooling and cleansing according to Ayurveda practices, so it's best to eat lots of it in spring and summer to balance pitta and kapha doshas!

Here's what we do with our Harvest:

~We like to make a Kale / Avocado 'Smash' Salad. In a bowl, throw roughly chopped kale, an avocado, some olive oil, salt and lemon and massage it all together with your hands so it slightly cooks and wilts down. Maybe 3 minutes or so. Your hands will be really slimy after but it tastes so good!!

~Kale Chips. We've made so many different batches by mixing together different combinations in a bowl and then laying them out on a screen to place in our food dehydrator. We like a sesame oil and ginger combo. Or maple syrup, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Or cashew paste (cashews blended with water, onion powder, and salt).

~ Sage Saute. In a pan, we melt ghee and cook the kale in it along with chopped sage. Great Combo!

snap peas

~We've been harvesting radishes and snap peas and making a macrobiotic blanched salad out of it with an ume vinegarette dressing. It's so simple and so yummy, and can be used with any combination of round, root, and leafy vegetables. Blanched salads are recommended to eat once a day in the practice of Macrobiotics because it has an uplifting effect on your health and mood. Radishes are very strong and heating when eaten raw but have a diuretic and detoxing effect when slightly cooked this way. Eaten together with snap peas tastes delightful and is very alkalizing to the blood! Perfect for Summer! *Raw snap peas also make a great vehicle for hummus dipping!*

Bring a pot of water to boil and submerge the snap peas in it until they turn bright green. Take them out with a slotted spoon and let them cool on a plate. Bring the pot to a boil again and drop in the halved radishes and let them cook for about 3 minutes. Finish by drizzling with 1tbs Olive Oil and 1tbs Ume plum vinegar (a macrobiotic favorite) whisked together.

We have tons of romaine which Paul grills with olive oil, a little goat cheese, and balsamic glaze. My FAVE!


We have gorgeous zucchinis happening right now too that we saute in ghee and season with fresh dill. Did you know that Dill is beneficial in calming your nervous system, relieving stress and overstimulation and supports your brain, according to ayurveda?

green beans

Hello Green Beans!!! We like to steam them and toss with olive oil and fresh thyme.

borage flower

Borage is taking over our garden!!! It is an amazing edible flower  that we throw on our salads and also juice along with kale, cucumber, mint and lemon for a cooling drink. The health benefits are endless. Among them are that they reduce fear and encourage you to speak your truth! Pretty cool, huh?! Not to mention that they enhance the garden in so many ways!

It's so wonderful to be eating straight from the garden because it ignites some creativity in the kitch so you can be intuitive with the gifts of nature and in harmony in life! It also helps to appreciate food so much more wherever you go out to eat, and encourages you to always source local, fresh food for the best health benefits! I do believe that everything starts with food!

Stay tuned for more harvesting and creating! And be sure to sign up on my mailing list to receive notification for when we have a farm stand and farm to table dinner parties! :)

*Photo Cred (except the first pic) to the handsome and talented boyfriend of mine* <3


Health: Are you feeling puffy? Eat Asparagus!!!

baby asparagus I am seriously, and quite oddly SO in love with the asparagus in our garden right now! I mean, we have tons of other veggies, but I just want to hang out by the asparagus for some reason! They are so FREAKING cute when they break ground! (OMG, I'm dorkishly giddy right now just writing about it) They are white when they come up and then quickly turn purple and then shoot, I mean shoot up tall very quickly, just ready to be eaten!

asparagus crowns

Did you have any idea that it takes 3 years for young roots to mature before you can actually eat them?! These are the things my bf is teaching me. He planted the asparagus crowns (a pic of the newly planted crowns above) years ago but it's only been the last 2 springs that we could harvest them! Maybe that's why I think they're so special?! That, and the fact that they will only be available to eat for a few weeks or so, then we have to wait til next year! :(

asparagus breaking ground

(look at the little baby farthest to the left! and then the one slightly bigger to the right, then the tallest and then shorter it just me or is this just too cute?!)

But that's why it's SO COOL to eat with the seasons and to be growing your own food! You actually sync up with what nature has in store for your wellbeing! Hello!

According to Ayurveda, and obviously seasonal, local eating practices, asparagus is here to detoxify us and fill us with the bright prana of chlorophyll!! The health benefits are endless, and just what our bodies need after a long winter of hardy root vegetables to lighten us up and brighten us up!

It helps reduce water retention and gives our pee that funny smell because it's a natural diuretic. It cleanses our blood and soothes inflammation too! All of which makes it the perfect food to eat for Kapha doshas, and one to not indulge in too much if you're a dominant vata dosha. Please read this article for more about it's amazing goodness!

harvesting asparagus

To harvest asparagus, we dig about 2inches below the ground and cut with a knife. It doesn't get fresher than this and obviously makes me ridiculously happy!

Enjoy it by either steaming it and squeezing a lemon over it, or roasting it with sea salt and olive oil. YUM!

I hope you get to enjoy some asparagus while it's in season!


Health: Do you Feel Called to Cleanse?

Colorado Cleanse Breakfast option of rice cake, avocado, salt and sunflower seeds This is the third year that I've done a spring ayurvedic cleanse, aka panchakarma, but the second time I've done the Colorado Cleanse (a version of the panchakarma). Usually cleansing comes easy to me, until this time...

Since I've been eating a little bit of everything these past few months, and getting lots of joy out of it on many levels, limiting myself to this diet for two weeks was a struggle, to say the least! I felt hungry and deprived of eating yummy fun food!!!:(

During the cleansing process we get in touch with the emotional and psychological aspects of how we relate to food. There is no snacking allowed so as to regulate our blood sugar levels, and we eat the same thing at every meal for an entire week (kitchari) which gives the digestion a break and delivers healing herbs to our bodies!

One of the benefits of this protocol is to take us away from the auto pilot habits of grabbing and going! It creates discomfort within that though, which helps to strip you down to your emotional state of being and how food offers that source of comfort and joy that we are all seeking.

If you're new to eating whole, clean foods, this is a necessary thing to raise awareness and take the first steps of establishing a healthy relationship with food.

But here's the thing, I've gone through so many years of eating clean, whole foods that my diet basically consisted of a cleanse in and of itself! Now that I've incorporated a little bit of everything into my diet, and have felt so much happier and peaceful, I realized that I probably didn't even need to do a cleanse this time around in the first place, because I've found such a good balance! What a miracle!

During my macrobiotic days, I finally came to realize that I was practicing eating a 'healing diet', and I wasn't trying to heal anything anymore, so I could finally let go of it since it was only causing me to go in the opposite extreme of 'cleansing'! Now that my diet has evolved, I'm realizing that the old ways of feeling like 'I should cleanse' are still lingering and that that was really why I chose to do it this time! I honestly don't even feel like I needed to cleanse because I have really started to find that balance! HA! But I guess I did need to to realize this epiphany!;)

Newman's O's

Cleansing and dieting could be lumped into the same category because they are both short term concepts that take us from one extreme to the other! (Check out my Dieting Domino Effect Post for more on the matter) I mean, the first thing I did after this cleanse was eat my cravings of Newman's O's cookies, pizza, and amy's organic coconut ice cream! Not to mention that we cheated on our cleanse last week at an event! Cheated! On a Cleanse! The thought of cheating on a cleanse is not even an option! Who do I think I am?! But you know what, there is no 'Cleanse Police', right?! We did the best we could in trying to also live our life, and that's healthy balance I think!

While I do believe that cleansing comes in very handy if you're looking to hit that reset button, or you've gone too far and need to reel it back in, it's really just short term, and the real work exists when you come out of it! How you function in your daily life is the real challenge! How can you find balance in nourishing yourself, having fun and being conscious of how you treat your body?

I feel like I've finally found a balance that works for me,  even though I may need to cleanse every so often just because of the modern world we live in with all of it's toxins, but drinking water, getting good sleep, breathing long and deep, taking triphala each night, and practicing yoga are all daily detox-ers anyways though, that I practice regularly!

This cleanse helped me realize how much I love cooking my own food, the importance of staying hydrated (drinking half of your ideal body weight in ounces along with hot water to stimulate the lymphatic system) and how important it is for me to eat an early/light dinner so I can get a good night sleep! I think it's a great tool to fall back on but I am so glad I realized that it's not something I feel like 'I Should' be doing every spring or fall!

I am so grateful that I am in tune with what does and doesn't work for me and what is truly important to my well being! Food is everything, there's no escaping it, it's what we revolve around, and it's amazing how many people do not have a healthy relationship with it! It is an intimate relationship and propels how we are in this world! I hope you too have found a healthy relationship with what's on your plate, and if not, I hope cleansing and eating whole foods will inspire you to develop one!

In good health!




Health: Anti-Inflammatory Bedtime Drink Recipe

Golden Milk TeaFor the love of Ayurveda and all of it's wisdom! This Golden Milk Tea is so cozy and relaxing to drink before bedtime. Turmeric is the mother of anti-inflammation, along with ginger, and together, they make a great immune boosting duo! I don't know how I came across this particular recipe, but nevertheless, I made it, and have also tried some other variations along the way, but I think this one is my fave!

Serves 2:

2C almond milk

1tsp turmeric powder

1/4tsp black pepper

1inch ginger grated

1tsp raw honey to sweeten after all ingredients are heated up in a saucepan on the stove.

Whisk ingredients together and heat over medium till it starts to bubble, then turn it down to simmer for 5 minutes. Strain the ginger, add the honey and enjoy! <3

Check out the article for the low down on all the health benefits of this drink, and see more of my fave recipes here!

Enjoy some self care and self love with this delightful tea!


Hair: Promote Healthy Hair Growth

Healthy Hair Oil Healthy Hair Oil by Banyan Botanicals is now part of my weekly hair routine because it has so many wonderful benefits!

I shampoo about once or twice a week, and alternate doing deep treatments every 3 weeks to keep my hair healthy, manageable, and performing at its best, and now I incorporate the ancient ritual of massaging oil into my scalp before I shampoo.

Doing a head massage with an herb infused oil is an Ayurvedic tradition used to strengthen, thicken, and rejuvenate the hair at the root to support your natural thickness, color and shine.

The top 3 ayurvedic herbs that are known to promote healthy hair are: Bhringaraj, (known as the ruler of hair"), which rejuvenates the hair and scalp (helps balance out vata doshic imbalances), Amalaki and Brahmi (Gotu Kola), both of which create a cooling and cleansing effect that help to balance out the pitta dosha that can cause thinning or graying.

Not only does this combination of herbs benefit your hair, but this ritual helps calm the mind, relieve tension and ground you (especially if done before bed for sound sleep!).

Here's a head massage video so you can see how to properly do it.

Be sure to apply shampoo directly to your oiled hair before you wet it, so the oil can come out easily.

Your hair will be so happy to be fed with such amazing nourishment, not to mention the effects this will have on the whole of your being! Go ahead and order yourself a bottle today, and take on this new self care ritual, you will love it! It smells so good too! Be sure to also check out this article to learn more about radiant, natural beauty approaches!

For more info on dry skin/scalp, check out this post.



Health: An Ayurveda Resource + Recipe

carrot ginger parsnip soupJoyful Belly Ayurveda is a great website and tool for learning all there is to know about the amazing lifestyle of living a balanced, harmonious, healthful way of eating and being. If you sign up for their newsletter, you'll receive weekly inspiration on the latest tools for staying healthy through the changing seasons.

As we transition into spring, we can start lightening up with brothy soups and keeping our immune systems and digestive fire strong with garlic and ginger!

Here's the link to the recipe I received in my inbox that I made last night. It was perfect and just what this overindulgent chocolate eating girl needed! ;)

Be sure to take a look at all the ayurvedic notes in the link! There are so many wonderful words of wisdom in them!

In good health my friends!

Sat Nam.



Happiness: Moods, Menses and the Moon {includes remedies}

moon madness gladness teaAs I sit here and write, I am drinking my "Moon Madness Gladness" Tea from the local herb shop here on Cape Cod to balance the effects of my period. The ingredients include: Bupleurum, Wild Yam, Ginger, Dandelion root, Licorice, yellow Dock, Dong Quai, Vitex berry, Orange peel.moon madness gladness tea ingredients I have recently been getting regular periods again (Yay!) after losing them for a couple years, due to my Macrobiotic diet. (I was told my body needed to cleanse itself and therefore my reproductive system took a back seat.) Ever since incorporating a more Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle, I've been able to nourish my depleted Vata and Pitta reproductive system. Now, I've completely synced up with the cycles of the Moon, and I'm realizing just how important it is to do that as a woman ~ to be soft and fluid and receptive (the qualities of the moon)!

The woman, or the feminine energy, is ruled by The Moon. Conversely, the man/masculine energy is ruled by The Sun. As beings, we encompass both energies, but as a woman, we nurture and support life itself! The Moon is that powerful!

A healer friend of mine told me recently, that when women are PMSing (and during their menses) they are the most powerful versions of themselves. It's ironic then, the stigma thats placed on women in society during this time of the month. There is so much to learn from this intuitive place of power.

The Moon rules the tidal changes ~ the water energy that allows us to ebb and flow through our emotions, and it's what increases our intuition and heightens our sensitivities during the Full Moon. It makes sense that the Moon has such an intense effect on us beings here on earth, because as humans, we are made up of 80 percent water. The Moon is talking to us, so we need to harness the capacity to LISTEN to her. She comes to us in our dreams so it's important to journal them so we can learn.

The Moon is a neutral energy. It's associated with emotions and feelings. It ebbs and flows. It waxes (2 weeks from new moon to full) and wanes (2 weeks from full to new). It feels. It nurtures. It's changeful. Moon energy can cause indecisiveness, moodiness, and stagnation. When a woman is totally in sync within herself, her period should then sync up with the moon's cycles - starting her period on the new moon, and ovulating during the full moon...aahh nature and the universal forces of energy, you are just so cool!!

Every Monday we feel the universal energy of the Moon, and 53 days after your birthday (following your Sun period), you will feel the effects for 52 consecutive days. Our own feelings and emotions become heightened and sensitized just like that of the Full Moon effects, so be mindful that you may experience being extra moody, extra indecisive, you may get more headaches, and be super sensitive or emotional.

The best things to do when under the Moon energy is:

Drink lots of water!

Let go of emotions ~ let them pass through you by breathing!

Do left nostril breathing to access the lunar energy (blocking your right nostril with your right pointer finger and breathing only through your left)

Make a conscious effort to keep yourself cool and fluid, like water.

Take walks near water to help.

And know, just like everything, the emotion will soon pass, so BREATHE and FEEL the amazing qualities of the Moon and get in touch with your feminine energy.

I suggest reading this article about women and their cycles.

Banyan Botanicals

A few teas and tonics to nourish your Moon energy are:

Cardamom Rose Women's Health Tonic from Alicia Diaz of Banyan Botanicals

1C almond milk

1C hot water

1tsp cardamom

1/2tsp ginger powder

1/8tsp rose water (food grade)

1tsp coconut oil

(pinch of natural sweetener (cane sugar/honey)

Pour hot water over the rose petals, cardamom, ginger and coconut oil then add the almond milk, rose water and natural sweetener and stir.

Blissful Women's Smoothie given to me from my Ayurvedic Practioner, Julie Wardwell

1-2 tbsp soaked organic Sesame Seeds (best if soaked overnight and prefer black colored)

4-5 tbsp organic Coconut Flakes (for extra smooth texture, you can soak the flakes for 2 hours)

4-6 organic Medjool Dates

1/2 tsp organic Vietnamese Cinnamon powder

1/2 tsp freshly grated organic Ginger Juice

1/2 tsp organic Amalaki powder

1/4 tsp organic Shatavari powder

Water as needed

Blend away…this smoothie’s thick and creamy texture is an indulgent treat to the taste buds. Consuming soaked sesame seeds is considered a treasure in Ayurveda during this time of the month. Excellent during heavy menstrual days as they help in reducing cramping and heavy flow. And yes, these seeds are one of the highest source of iron. A word of caution, sesame seeds are warming in nature, in order to get the benefits of regulating the menstrual flow they must be mixed with a natural sweetener to have the right effect. Dates and sesame seeds go very well and taste amazing!! Coconut flakes are cooling to the body which offsets the warm quality of sesame seeds and also helps in hormone balance.

Shatavari “the” most valuable and versatile herb for all phases in woman’s lifetime. One can proudly say this herb is Ayurveda’s gift to all women! It is an excellent vata and pitta pacifier. The steroidal-saponins in this herb help in regulating menstrual cycle.

Amalaki (also known as Indian gooseberry) is popularly used for its highest source of Vit C. This herb helps to rebuild new tissues and increase red blood cell count. I like to use this in my smoothie mainly because it has all the five of the six tastes (except salty) to keep my appetite balanced and nourished during this time of the month.

Enjoy, and bask in the lunar energy!




LifeStyle Lessons: Summer Salad Inspiration

sweetgreensSo, typically I don't eat very much RAW (uncooked) food because it's harder for me to digest, which I learned through my Macrobiotic studies. And, according to my Ayurvedic constitution of Pitta-Vata, I do best on warm, slightly heavy, slightly cooked foods. BUT, there is a time and place for RAW food and it is right now ~ in the heat of summer! During the summer months however, our digestive fire is at it's strongest, and raw foods are cooling to all that internal heat we're experiencing, so it's perfectly appropriate to consume some RAW salads during these months!

I've been super inspired by some creative concoctions of easy peasy salad ideas while eating at my local Sweetgreens here in Boston. I have to add a little of this and say no to a little of that, but I've made some fine substitutions and have been really happy with a little RAW salad in my life!

Take a look:


You can probably guess that I held off on the chicken and the parmesean crisp, but instead, I added sauteed tofu cubes and almond slices and it was TDF (to die for)!! Super easy to re-create at home, right?! (the pesto vinaigrette is a treat that I don't know how to make myself, but olive oil, lemon and salt, work just fine)

I also stumbled upon some prepared salad items at the Chatham Natural Foods Market on Cape Cod, and had to take the pics of these labels to try and concoct at home myself!

cape cod natural foods


cape cod natural foods market

As long as you're a garlic lover like me, you will LOVE this!

cape cod natural foods market

Who doesn't love a little tabouleh in their life!?

After my salad at Sweetgreens, I wandered through the Boston Copley Farmer's Market and found my new FAVE RAW dessert vendor! Nussli 118 from Cambridge had the most amazing chocolate morsels to satisfy my sweet tooth! A Must try!!!

nussli 118

So there you have it, I'm eating lots of RAW food this summer and loving being inspired by all the creative varieties available! I hope you can get your hands on some yummy clean salads!