This is THE most important thing to do for happiness!

This is THE most important thing to do for happiness!

I've had lots of emails land in my inbox and discussions with clients pertaining to this topic of finding your life's purpose lately, so I feel I should share my thoughts and tips on the matter. If you've been following my blog for awhile, you will know that I have been one to move around a lot to figure out the best fit

Reviews & Rec's: A quick read for a much needed boost of confidence!

Make Every Man Want YouI've been following Marie Forleo now for awhile, and love her business savvy tips and tricks! She's a little guru in my eyes for living a successful and fulfilling life, so if you don't know, now you know:)! I knew she had written an e-book, but had never felt called to read it until recently. I had been feeling really doubtful in some areas of my life so I downloaded it while on vacation to "Become So Irresistible, I'd barely keep from Dating Myself";).

Although the title sounds like this book is about finding a man, it's actually a book about falling in love with yourself! It's a quick and easy read, and seems to me that it's rooted in Landmark Education (I'm a graduate, so I know;). Regardless of already knowing this info, its always a great reminder to check in to the present moment! She's re-inspired me to look at all the opportunities I already have surrounding me all the time; to be in love, to be fulfilled, and to look and feel my best!

If you're needing a quick pick me up, I think you'll really enjoy this!

Become your Irresistible Self NOW:)



Simple ways to live a more zestful life!

as i sit here and write, i am bubbling over with enthusiasm! enthusiasm for life and the gifts that are always at our fingertips! i am incredibly grateful for my dear friend, adele, who has always lead an inspiring life of zest! she recommended the book, "mama gena, the school of womanly arts" to me and it couldn't have come at a better time.

she actually leant the book to me about a year ago, and i remember starting to read it, not getting hooked, and ultimately leaving it on my coffee table, buried under the rest of my self help books! she inevitably took it back, and has referred to it here and there throughout our conversations. you know the old saying, "when you're ready to learn, the teacher appears"? well, apparently, i'm open and receiving of this added whipped cream with a cherry on top delight in my life! big shout out to adele--thanks girlfriend, i love you dearly!

my spiritual journey has lead me into a portal of love, peace and light, revealing a clear and beautiful path for me to walk along. the guidance and support that surrounds me unconditionally is exhilarating and comes with a huge amount of responsibility. i welcome the lessons and recognize my job--to give. to receive, assimilate, and share my knowledge with those that are meant to hear it, or read it.

what i can't even contain is the simplistic message from the book i'm reading--to seek pleasure!!!

oh my gosh, it makes me so excited! have you ever considered the concept that we are here to enjoy each and every moment on earth?

we have five senses. obviously, they are meant to absorb the energetic vibrations found in   what we see, hear, taste, feel and smell. what we experience is directly related to what we put out there--so change your surroundings to your liking!! it's that simple. duhhh!

don't get ahead of yourself and think you have to up and create a whole new life for yourself. no, in fact, the lessons in the book offer the acknowledgement of staying present! living in each moment! the oh-so-challenging task of not getting caught up in what's yet to come, and the past that haunts us. let it all go my friends and delight your senses NOW!

start getting into the mindset of "how can i make this present situation more fun?"

the exercises in the book are very enlightening. it really offers a new approach to living mindfully.  she talks about how she sets out to fly a kite for enjoyment, only to stop when she's had enough. this simple notion is easy to relate to--relate it to all areas of your life!

i can't help but argue that pleasure seeking could, in turn, become addiction, but what i keep realizing is that no, in fact, it is the art of staying present in what brings you joy, and when it stops bringing you joy. some days we may have more energy than others--that's normal. just as the sun is always shining, but sometimes we have cloudy days.

here's the real challenge--pleasure should not be rushed.

why are you in such a hurry to get there? we've all heard it before, but it really is about the journey, not the destination. savor and relish in the simple pleasures, moving from one moment to the next. this instant gratification notion in our society is causing us to zoom through life and miss out on smelling all the roses!

think of your body as a vessel to absorb the light from the sun. soak it in, drink it up and bask in its glory. you will be a shining star in no time if you embody the love that is joy.

pleasure is creation.

notice how your enjoyment ignites the fire within you, to be the essence of the sun, which you already are--this is creation, which stems from pleasure. but when you've had enough, know that it's time to condense that energy, to let it marinate and do its job.

your life will have more meaning if you start to acknowledge how you can have more fun and when you've had enough. that last bite that you knew you didn't want, can really put you over the edge and cause you to over indulge, leaving you feeling crummy. why not savor that last bite instead?

i have been dancing and singing all over town this week, realizing how much joy i find in music. i've been lighting candles and making out with vegan ice cream. but i've also realized when it's time to be quiet and go to bed early. these are the little moments that string together, allowing me to experience the life i love!

try setting your alarm each hour of the day today to check in and ask yourself, "how can i make this moment more enjoyable?" the choice is yours.

hopefully you'll be movin' and shakin' and lettin' your hair down while you sing at the top of your lungs out your sun roof, in no time!

in health and happiness,


mama gena

Reasons why you're hungry

so i'm reading this book that has been highly recommended to me from my acupuncturist/herbalist, jordan hoffman of L.A.. his practice is based off of the premise of food heals all - which is my philosophy as well. whatever we put into our body, is ultimately what we're going to get out of it. that being said, sometimes we need a little extra help in assimilating/digesting what we take in - physically, emotionally and mentally.

he approaches his healing techniques first by instructing that his patients do a food-mood journal for a week prior to their first appointment.

there are no rules - just letting our own personal intuition guide us as to what type of relationship we have with food - what we crave, why we crave it and how we feel prior or post meal. as you've probably surmised, there's more to it than the actual food on the plate.

i've been journaling about it now for the last month and it has opened up a whole can of beans! (no pun...yes pun). i dove into the deep end with this exploration and am now trying to get my bearings on my own relationship with food. check out his website @

food is essential to our existence next to breathing, sleeping and water. think about it. it is something we all need, and we all do every single day, and we all have varied relationships with it. it is the one thing we can always count on to be a topic of conversation - a friend is on a new diet, a celebrity is grossly thin, or has gained 50 lbs, there are starving people in africa, there's a new recipe or holiday meal being planned or cooked, the list goes on and on....often times, we are at lunch talking about where we're going for dinner. what did you do on vacation? oh we ate amazing food, etc. etc, etc....

but when do you actually check in with your body to see where your hunger stems from?

in this book that i'm reading called, 'mindful eating' by jan chozen bays, MD, i am blown away by all the different layers of hunger - according to her, there are 7.

we all have eye, nose, mouth, mind, heart, stomach and cellular hunger.

she recommends taking a breath before eating and asking yourself (quietly if you're with others), 'who in there is hungry?' are your eyes yearning for some sense of beauty? maybe colors, textures, shapes, etc. or is it craving a sweet or savory scent? anything aromatic?

did you know that your tongue only tastes sweet, savory, sour or bitter? think about when you're sick and your nose is stuffed up - you can't taste your food well, can you? that's because most of what you taste comes from what you're smelling.

as for your mouth, well we're all looking for that 'party in your mouth' sensation, aren't we? we are mouth hunger junkies...always searching for the next fix.

as for the mind, well that's a tricky one. the mind never stops with the 'shoulds' and the 'should nots'....

the heart is another tricky one - wanting to be soothed, comforted and happy.

the stomach is more obvious, as it talks to us when it's ready for more food - but it can be trained, can't it? if you do a juice cleanse for a few days, for example, notice that the first day your stomach is constantly talking to you, and by the third, it has quieted down. that's because your stomach is on a schedule, and if its off, it doesn't know what to do...

as for cellular hunger, this is your body's own intuition as to what you need. maybe you're craving protein for whatever reason, or salt...this may be your body telling you that it needs something...

it sounds exhausting, but it can't hurt to be aware of these basic, fundamentals of life. when we are mindful/aware, we tap into the present tense for just a brief moment in time. our minds are always actively thinking or worrying about the past or the future, when all we have is right here and now. don't take this power of awareness lightly - just by merely observing ourselves, we can shift our whole livelihood!

if we stop and think for just one second before we eat, we can tune into our own intuition, and open up a whole new approach to life, really. do we have the urge to snack because our heart is hungry? well then pick up the phone and call a loved one.

are our eyes hungry because we've been staring at a computer all day? well, get outside and go for a walk and take in the beauty of nature to satisfy that hunger.

or maybe our mouth is being a junky? try sipping something to drink (not guzzling - swish it around) or if you do decide to chew, do it with awareness so that you're fully engaged in the different textures....

you see, you can satisfy your whole self just by checking in when it comes to food. this will ultimately allow you to be kinder and more compassionate with yourself, and in turn, allow you to love yourself more so that you can love others and allow the beautiful flow of life's energy to circulate.

just a little food for thought...

check out the book!

What makes you happy?

these days i'm realizing how challenging it is to stay in balance. we all have priorities and responsibilities, and the days fly by so fast! it's a balancing act and can be easily attainable if we just stay present. however, that in and of itself, is a challenge! a book was recommended to me, from a like-minded girlfriend awhile back. she and i are always talking about what the next best thing is for our future - what we want out of life, and which path we're headed down. i bought the book and it didn't really resonate with me, so i put it down for a few months... until i saw the author on the today show for the new years day episode! her name is gretchen rubin, and her book is titled, 'the happiness project'.

after hearing her speak about the effects she experienced during and after her project, it inspired me to keep reading. it's amazing how just when you need something, it appears! i often times will pick up a book or an article, and it's exactly what i needed at that particular point in time.

the universe is speaking to you when you open yourself to learn and be guided!

needless to say, i have been reading her book and have joined her interactive blog called, the happiness project toolbox. during my leisure days, i am often journaling, making lists, doodling or drawing my own mini inspiration boards, cutting out/writing down quotes/articles that i love, etc. this website encompasses all of these types of explorations in a concise, efficient way! sooo, i logged in, and got really excited about the start up questions!

i encourage you all to ask yourselves these questions and journal them.

i went back and was able to highlight certain phrases and from that point, was able to fill my own toolbox to keep myself grounded to live a peaceful, present life!

1. what makes you feel good? what activities do you find fun, satisfying or energizing?

2. what makes you feel bad? what are sources of anger, irritation, boredom, frustration or anxiety in your life?

3. is there anyway in which you don't feel right about your life? do you wish you could change jobs, cities, family situations or other circumstances? are you living up to your expectations for yourself? does your life reflect your values?

4. do you have sources of an atmosphere of growth? in what areas of your life do you find progress, learning, challenge, improvement, and increased mastery?

now check it out and get started on living at your utmost happiness! :

The benefits of chewing

chewing. what a concept! who knew it was so important? our modern day society is so fast paced that we don't even stop to enjoy our food. us americans are the worst! when i was traveling in spain last year, i was embarrassed to see that i was the only one with 'take-away' food and drink containers...nobody in europe eats on the run like americans do! nevertheless, chewing has taken a back seat in our modern world. and it's time to understand why it is so important to chew! as i'm learning more and more about macrobiotics, i've been introduced to a wonderfully written book called, "the good life", by denny waxman, which explains the reasons behind why it's so important to follow a format.

chewing is at the core. each bite should be chewed a minimum of 30 times. 50 is better. and 100 is the best!

the best way to encourage the daunting task is by setting your utensil down after each bite and placing your hands in your lap! that's right. just try it and you will be amazed at what it's like to actually enjoy your food - the tastes, the textures, the life force, the quality, the love that was poured into the cooking style, etc.the sheer aspect of connecting with our food is so beautiful, and essential.

not only does it allow you to tune in to what you are doing, the act of chewing secretes our natural digestive enzymes through our saliva, allowing us to digest our food properly.

hello! there's a reason why we have teeth - we're not supposed to inhale!

by taking the time to chew our meals, we naturally slow down to properly prepare our bodies for nourishment.

it is so important in this diet to SIT down while eating, without being connected to your phone, your t.v., your computer for a minimum of 15-20 minutes.

if you chew your food well, it will take you 15 minutes to finish, and that alone relaxes your body so the digestive process can work optimally. if your rushing, standing, driving, walking, doing a million things while you're eating and shoveling the food down your throat, you are doing your body a dis-service. you may find that you feel bloated or gassy after a meal, and if that's the case, just make this one adjustment and you will see results within 4 days!

our modern world is already making us tense, and by adding our unhealthy eating habits into the mix our insides are becoming tight as well. so treat yourself to 60 minutes out of your whole day to just soothe and relax your insides. your body will thank you for it, as you will feel lighter, clearer and overall more calm, centered and peaceful.

give it a go! chew a minimum of 30 times per bite for 4 days. it's challenging, but you can do it!