Health: Latest Boston Restaurant Rave

Grass Fed, Boston GrassFed in J.P. = YUM!

We recently stumbled upon this awesome spot a few weeks ago and had the best burgers ever!!! If you haven't learned yet from my latest posts, I now eat everything (with consciousness) and am thoroughly enjoying food in all its glory!

With that consciousness in mind, we like to make sure we know the source, keeping it local and of the highest quality ingredients whenever available! This place fit perfectly in with our standards! ;)

All of the beef comes from Maine Family Farms in Portland, Maine, and is raised on a grass fed, vegetarian diet. How cool is it to know exactly where your beef comes from?! (For all you vegan/vegetarians, they do have a veg option as well;)

It's a super cool, hipster spot with all sorts of alternative menu items from 'adult beverage milkshakes' to beet fries and homemade oreos! And they're right down the street from my fave vegan ice cream spot, FOMU, so that's an added bonus!!!

Beet Fries

We indulged in a couple burgers, obvi, which totally hit the spot, some truffle parm fries, beet fries, and you better believe that I took an oreo to-go!;)

Homemade Oreos

I highly recommend hitting up this 'boutique' burger joint, but just make sure you get in on the early rush because the poor stragglers got turned away when they ran out of burgers and fries on a Sunday night at 7pm!

Stay tuned for more 'Best of Burgers' recommendations to come :)!

Til then, check out my other fave restaurant rec's in Boston and Cape Cod.





LifeStyle Lessons: Summer Salad Inspiration

sweetgreensSo, typically I don't eat very much RAW (uncooked) food because it's harder for me to digest, which I learned through my Macrobiotic studies. And, according to my Ayurvedic constitution of Pitta-Vata, I do best on warm, slightly heavy, slightly cooked foods. BUT, there is a time and place for RAW food and it is right now ~ in the heat of summer! During the summer months however, our digestive fire is at it's strongest, and raw foods are cooling to all that internal heat we're experiencing, so it's perfectly appropriate to consume some RAW salads during these months!

I've been super inspired by some creative concoctions of easy peasy salad ideas while eating at my local Sweetgreens here in Boston. I have to add a little of this and say no to a little of that, but I've made some fine substitutions and have been really happy with a little RAW salad in my life!

Take a look:


You can probably guess that I held off on the chicken and the parmesean crisp, but instead, I added sauteed tofu cubes and almond slices and it was TDF (to die for)!! Super easy to re-create at home, right?! (the pesto vinaigrette is a treat that I don't know how to make myself, but olive oil, lemon and salt, work just fine)

I also stumbled upon some prepared salad items at the Chatham Natural Foods Market on Cape Cod, and had to take the pics of these labels to try and concoct at home myself!

cape cod natural foods


cape cod natural foods market

As long as you're a garlic lover like me, you will LOVE this!

cape cod natural foods market

Who doesn't love a little tabouleh in their life!?

After my salad at Sweetgreens, I wandered through the Boston Copley Farmer's Market and found my new FAVE RAW dessert vendor! Nussli 118 from Cambridge had the most amazing chocolate morsels to satisfy my sweet tooth! A Must try!!!

nussli 118

So there you have it, I'm eating lots of RAW food this summer and loving being inspired by all the creative varieties available! I hope you can get your hands on some yummy clean salads!


LifeStyle Lessons: Holy, Hangover!

FOMU, vegan ice cream BostonI'm not talking about an alcohol hangover, oh no, I'm talking about over indulgence with food! No bueno! I do this sometimes, testing the waters, thinking I can get away with not feeling the effects of sugar or baked goods, or anything that's hard to digest, especially when eaten later in the day. I followed 'the when its okay to cheat on your diet rules' though, and ate my vegan ice cream in the middle of the day, at the peak of the fire of digestion! It was my little treat to myself to comfort me on a rainy day after a yoga class that brought up lots of anger emotions (strange?!)

I had found FOMU in Boston a few months ago while visiting my sisters. We had a totally decadent night of veg friendly food followed by vegan ice cream sundaes!

I haven't been back there since I moved here, but I happened to stumble into this cute little gourmet shop called Beacon Hill Gourmet on my street a couple weeks ago and found that they sold FOMU 'ice cream' by the pint. I chose Salted Caramel because I had been envious of my sisters who both enjoyed a salted caramel ice cream cone from J.P. Licks the other day, (J.P. Licks also has vegan ice cream options too which is oh so fun!) so I jumped all over buying that cute little packaged pint!

It had been sitting in my freezer for a couple weeks, and I hadn't been in the mood for it until yesterday. Maybe I would have been okay if I had just eaten half of it...but I kept going! It was just so comforting and creamy and delicious! No wonder though, the second ingredient was evaporated cane sugar, and the third, agave. I basically just ate a pint of coconut cream and sugar....

I didn't feel the negative affects at all until about an hour later....hangover central! My stomach was so mad at me, and there was really nothing I could do!

I pulled out all my tricks though:

Ginger tea. Hot water with lemon. Detox tea. A walk to move the digestion. A short nap to try and sleep it off. A Hot Body Scrub before bed to remove toxins. Barley (to pull out the dampness in my body) vegetable soup for dinner. Double dose of Triphala before bed (a natural detox pill to support elimination).

Luckily I feel better now that it's the next morning, but I must live and learn from this little over indulgence. While it was fun, I'm not so sure it was worth it...Now that I've been eating so clean for so long, my body just can't handle these very yin (Macro term), very kapha (Ayurveda term) extreme foods.

Everything in Moderation, right?! Hopefully I'll keep myself in check next time! Til then...


Reviews & Rec's: Boston's First Raw, Vegan Food To-Go! Yay!

CocoBeetOne of the things I was a little bummed out about upon moving to this new city, is that they aren't necessarily on the 'up and up' when it comes to healthy, plant based restaurants. While there are a handful of really yummy ones, they're not on every street corner like I was used to when I lived in Santa Monica, or what I love about visiting NYC! Boston Smoothie and Juice BarYou can imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon this GEM the other day! What a gift to the Boston community! Onur and his partner had a vision and they brought it to life! Wahe Guru! This place is much like my most adored Pressed Juicery in NYC. They have organic, cold pressed juices and superfood filled smoothies along with raw, vegan prepared foods to go, including some desserts, snacks, salads, sandwiches and breakfast bowls! Thank God!!

CocobeetI'm so glad my friend told me about this spot, as it just opened 3 months ago! I came here after a yoga class and it was the perfect ending to my first day off in the city! I tried the Curry Chickpea Salad and a Key Lime Tart for dessert! Both absolutely delightful! As a little treat, Onur offered me some sandwiches to try. I gladly accepted and have tried them since ~ SO GOOD!

Chickpea Curry Salad Cocobeet

Key Lime Tartlett CocoBeet

CocoBeet Sandwiches

This will definitely be a weekly hangout for me! I wish them much success! "Re-Root your life"! (How awesome is that tagline?!)



Reviews: Healthy Brunching in Boston

Life Alive, CambridgeI wrote this post long ago, but it has a newfound meaning for me now that I can actually call Boston home this week!!:) Yay for moving to Boston and having some pretty awesome restaurants to choose from! I can recall many an indulgent breakfast/brunch in my college days either spent all day drinking champagne at Charleston's Vickery's, or 'still--drunk fests' at Myrtle Beach's finest ~ Denny's.

Brunch is the NEW 'weekend night out' in the most trendiest of places and will always satisfy that comfort we crave, but now that I'm a 'healthy veg girl', it's not typically a meal that I look forward to eating out because the options tend to be limited to oatmeal or toast...

You can imagine my excitement when I stumble across a healthy restaurant that caters to me and my tastebuds!

Life Alive in Cambridge, MA is tried and true! While it doesn't have a breakfast menu per say, it does have an amazing juice and smoothie menu and a lunch menu to die for! Literally, anything you get there will leave you feeling happy and satisfied!

True Bistro in Somerville, caters to the fancy vegan cuisine palette! Their dinners are lovely, but their brunches are a treasure!

Veggie Galaxy

Veggie Galaxy in Cambridge is a vegan indulgent diner haven! True to diner form, it offers malt shakes, sundaes, french toast and pancake galore set to the '50's soundtrack and a spinning case of baked goods.

ROOT in Allston is a new fave!! A super hip hot spot serving up a vegan 'foodie' menu complete with a farm style ambiance that includes mason jar glasses.

Thank you Boston, for serving up all that I crave and more! I can't wait to explore and eat my way through the city starting next week! I'll be sure to post my adventures:)

(I hear The Friendly Toast is great for brunch, so you know I'll be checking that out asap!;)



Best of Boston Eats and Treats

FOMU vegan ice creamOne of my most favorite things to do guessed it! To EAT! Part of the fun is seeking out alternative, health conscious, heart centered spots everywhere I go! Here's a list of places in Boston that make my heart sing!!!!

Red Lentil in Watertown, MA is such a gem!!! It's the perfect place to go for a quality 'foodie' dining experience! Many healthy restaurants are too casual or basic, but this one goes above and beyond!

My two sisters and I went for a Friday Night on the town and had wonderful service, amazing apps, entrees and wine!

We highly recommend the Gobi Manchurian for an appetizer--a super yummy Indian cauliflower dish to share with the table.

Each of us tried something different and all raved about our orders! Beet-Potato Latkes, Butternut Squash Polenta, and the Nirvana Delight! (an ayurvedic based dish) We also had a couple orders from their Specials Board, so I'm sure whatever the daily creation, it is sure to please!

While the desserts looked divine, we opted for Fomu Vegan sundaes in Allston. heaven! Indulgence at it's finest, and I don't mind if I do!;)

Please be sure to mark this on your to-do list,  you'll be glad you did!! And add to it by checking out other New England Healthy Veg Friendly Finds on my previous New England Road Trip post!! YUM-AZING!!!

I hope you get the chance to eat your way through Boston soon! Happy Eating, and stay tuned for other restaurant recommendations in a a city near you;)!



New England Road Trip

i was able to maintain a vegan lifestyle with ease, as i stumbled across many vegan restaurants while living in L.A. the more restaurants i found, the more fun it was to become inspired by their dishes to create at home. in turn, creating a domino effect of mastering the knowledge and practice with my approach to eating whole, natural foods. with that being said, having a variety of vegan restaurants to choose from when you need a break from your kitchen was a luxury!

the best of the best surrounded me in my L.A. neighborhood, where i could relax in knowing i was being served an animal free, fun, alternative spin on my favorite comforts from my past.

i mean, come on, who doesn't love a good cheeseburger? or pizza? or ice cream sundae? or nachos? we vegans gotta get our fix somehow! i will mention here for the record though, that in all honesty, i prefer my cooking on a daily basis to going out because i take pride in what i feed myself.

but, it is imperative to get a break and have someone else cook for you and serve you, to experience foods that you don't regularly cook for yourself. i am utterly (no pun) grateful and appreciative for the revolution in vegan friendly menu's and restaurants! it is amazing how a vegan version of our favorites can be re-created to satisfy our nostalgia.

now that i'm back on cape cod, i'm left with some slim pickin's...granted, i can find a vegan option on any menu with a little tweaking and re-designing (always being articulate and sensitive to my server). but the 'fun' foods are hard to come by - luckily, there's an app for that!

the 'vegan' app. or go online and check out to, or yelp and type in 'vegan' and you can find places in your surrounding areas. or blogs - one of my favorites in L.A. was, but the best is word of mouth.

this is how i came to find 3 AMAZING vegan spots this weekend while over the bridge.

if you are ever in the providence/newport area, you must try Keen-wah Super Food Eatery in newport, where you can satisfy your lunchtime burger craving - YUM!

then head over to the amazing vegan food truck, serving up all things soft serve in providence- from ice cream floats to shakes, and beyond into the candy world, at LIKE NO UDDER (great name).

for dinner in providence, you must try garden grille cafe - their tacos are scrumptious and their carrot cake, divine!!

i was like a kid in a candy shop all day! it was heavenly. i intend to eat my vegan way through new england to report on all my findings!

two other delights that put me into a blissful state recently, that need mention in the boston area are, true foods bistro in sommerville.

an awesome place to get your fancy, eclectic spin on!

and life alive in cambridge - it is sheer grounded-ness comfortingly warming and inviting on all levels - i could literally live there!

stay tuned for my next recommendations! til then, please comment on your favorites that are must try's!