Restaurant Rave {Cape Cod International Cuisine}

Restaurant Rave {Cape Cod International Cuisine}

If you're new to my Restaurant Rave column, you'll soon find out that I love food - anything cooked with love that offers a unique perspective on cultures, cuisines, quality ingredients, artistry, and style! I love to nourish my body with healthy ingredients, but also to nourish my soul with a sense of love, connection, inspiration and diverse experiences, so that's why I think dining out is an integral part in developing a healthy relationship with food. My Diet Design sessions help clients to develop a menu plan to support their lifestyle, a set of healthy habits they can access everyday, and guidance on the best quality food to eat (favorite food finds and restaurant raves). I am often asked which restaurants I've been going to lately, and so here's my most recent round up for Cape Cod: 

Best Burgers in Cape Cod

the knack, cape cod The Knack in Orleans is the coolest new(ish) scene on Cape! It's super hip, has an awesome design/brand, and is right on trend with sourcing local, high quality ingredients to serve up great food, FAST!

Their mission: "We created the knack with one purpose in mind: to share the food that we grew up with, the food that hits the spot after a day at the beach, the food that defines summers on Cape Cod."

I'm a sucker for a clear intention to serve a  higher purpose within the community. It's always so apparent when that person/brand/business is aligned with their life's calling because they are happy, and it shows in everything they do and create! It uplifts us as consumers and graces us with so much light and love just by being there to enjoy the fruits of their labor!

I appreciate anybody, especially restaurants, who bring forth something that we as a community, and for the whole of humanity can benefit from! They are living out their gifts and talents in accordance with what my Spiritual Master says is our purpose here ~ to open our hearts, "to find out what it is we love. to do what we love.  and love what we do". Thank you to the Knack for doing just that ~ bringing us the highest quality burger to satisfy that Cape Cod Summer Vibe! We appreciate your presence!

They partner with local fisherman to get the best sourced seafood for those amazing fish tacos and more!  They also work with a local butcher to make all natural ground beef burger patties that are to die for!!! Not only that, but they source their veggies from a local farm to top it all off! Everything is  made in house ~ from the sandwich sauces to the cookies and batters! A-MA-ZING!

These guys definitely 'have a knack' for what they're doing ;)!

You Must try the Avocado Burger! It is my fave! (Yes, I eat burgers now...only when well sourced and made with love, of course!;)

Enjoy! Be sure to check out my other fave Cape Cod Restaurants for more pure eating enjoyment!



The Latest Cape Cod Restaurant Raves!

The Talkative Pig If you haven't read by now, I am practicing balance in all areas of my life. I'm no longer a strict vegan, macrobiotic no no folks, I've come FULL circle and now eat 'a little bit of this, and a little bit of that' on the regular! I will admit though, I sometimes scare myself with the fear that has fallen by the way side when I approach eating, because that little voice in the back of my head still wants to follow all the rules (No dairy, no gluten, no sugar)! Who am I without these rules and restrictions though? I'm discovering that I am a true lover of food and that my soul loves everything that comes along with that! Foodie, perhaps?! After all, food is at the root of all things, especially the relationship you have with yourself! Sit with that one for a minute!

I only appreciate the best quality ingredients with an artistic expression and passion for creating something we can all come to the table for, to have wonderful dining experiences. In today's post, I offer you some recommendations for where to eat to enjoy great quality food that has been cooked and prepared with love, so that you can practice seeking out places like these too, to care for yourself and your local community!

Here are my latest restaurant raves:

The Talkative Pig

Can we "Talk' about 'The Talkative Pig' please?!

We are beyond excited to have this  new restaurant arrive to our local scene here in Harwich/Chatham. This is the restaurant that took over what used to be "The Box Office Cafe'. At first we weren't so sure about the name, but once we popped in and met the owners and tasted their food and found out how they source everything locally, we were sold!!! Who doesn't love a 'mom and pops' type spot? It feels like a total authentic Italian eatery / marketplace. They have a case of pre-made salads and treats to purchase for take out, a cute little bar full of mixologist approved cocktails, including local brews, and obviously amazing pizzas (including a gluten free option?!:) There are breakfast sandwiches, treats and more! We are so addicted to their curried tuna salad that we buy a pint sizeof it probably once a week! We're also big fans of the Fig, Prosciutto and Goat Cheese Pizza (on gluten free crust)!! OMG it's probably the BEST I've had!!!!

I finally had a chance to check out Pisces in Chatham (right across the street from The Talkative Pig) and I instantly felt like I was on vaca!!! It's always slammin' but we had a fun little late night pop in for drinks, apps and dessert, which was the way to go! The second I sat down at the bar, I instantly craved a margarita, which just might be one of the best I've ever had! (I may be a self proclaimed margarita connoisseur) We had complimentary bean dip with our bread, amazing scallop ceviche, calamari, and topped it off with a ridiculous flourless chocolate cake! We were in heaven!!

Viera in Harwich is also a new FAVE! I'd heard lots of talk about it prior to finally having a chance to go, and were completely wowed! A total farm to table spot where everything from the service to the food were top notch!! Super fun mixologist drink menu, great portion sizes and creative dishes! The salmon tartare and calamari dishes are amazing! And do not miss out on dessert! OMG.....cannot wait to go back!

I also want to give a shout out to a couple cool 'grab and go' spots in our 'hood too:

Depot Dogs, which claims to be" THE BEST DOG ON THE PLANET" (probably true) sets up shop in the parking lot at buca's (obviously they know what they're doing if they're operating it, right?). Their lobster roll is to die for!!! And obviously the locally made beef dogs are too! (who am I these days?! Still living the motto,' When in Rome' apparently!)

The Salt Block Truck

The Salt Block Food Truck which is operated by Cape Sea Grill has FANTASTIC Fish Tacos!!! Such a fun summer stop, which is parked right across from Brax's Landing on rte. 28.

Hope you can all try these amazing restaurants and quality food that we're blessed with here on Cape Cod! For more of my faves, click here.

Happy Eating!



Health: Cape Cod's BEST Restaurants! {in our humble foodie opinion}

PB Boulengerie If you haven't figured it out by now, I LOVE FOOD!!!!! I think because I ate Macrobiotic and Vegan for so long, and had to learn how to cook for myself to enjoy food, that I have a real passion for it now.

They say in Macrobiotics, that your tastebuds have to learn to adjust over time, to the real delight in the basic form of food, since we've become so acclimated to having processed / packaged food in our modern society. After a cleanse or detox, your tastebuds, and the cells in your body, jump up and down for joy when they taste real food again!

Real food is where the good stuff is! I learned to develop a deep appreciation for quality ingredients, cooking styles, and how to put together a well rounded meal, through my quest of macrobiotics, vegan and ayurveda practices, that food has taken on a whole new meaning for me! From eating out, to scouting out the best restaurants, to creating in the kitch, to reading recipes, to learning about the health benefits of certain foods, I'm all over it!

Now that I've completely come full circle with my eating habits, and eat a little bit of everything again, it's as if I'm eating things for the first time! I had a meatball for the first time in years a few months ago, and literally almost fell out of my chair with how amazing it tasted and felt!!! Pizza is now a whole new world, and I'm finding that I'm never feeling deprived of anything, rather I'm celebrating the art of food creations! It's amazing and so. much. fun!!!!!!

So, I decided to put together a list of the restaurants that I've been salivating over ever since I'm no longer limited to vegan/vegetarian ones that I'd have to travel off Cape to find. These restaurants source the highest quality ingredients, mostly local, and have a passion for the expression of culture and creative food art. Thank you, Cape Cod for having a foodie niche here for us to enjoy!

These are our fave Cape Cod restaurants that we just can't get enough of!

P B Boulengerie in Wellfleet. O.M.G. cookies and pastries!!!!

Vers in Chatham. Amazing farm to table, seasonal, local preparations by Johnathon.

Buca's in Harwich. THE BEST italian ever! Basically, I feel like I'm in Italy, and it's def a regular outing for us...

Ocean House in Dennis. Besides the obvious awesome venue, the crab cakes are out of this world, and their late night menu of flatbread is super fun when you just want to have a glass of wine and listen to the band!

SunBird in Orleans. So good. and trendy. and hip.

Pain D'Avignon

Pain D'aVignon in Hyannis. TDF! So many perfect european vibes!

Common Ground in Hyannis. Always a FAVE. And made with LOVE.

Local Break

Local Break, Eastham. The BEST veggie burger EVER!

Orleans Public House, Orleans. Really great!!!!

Del Mar, Chatham. Fun specials and wild creations.

Misaki, Hyannis. Who doesn't love sushi?! Try the monkey ball....oh boy!

Inaho, Yarmouthport. The best sushi atmosphere, and mushroom soup!!!

Bluefin, Chatham. Cool, swank new sushi spot!

Hangar B, Chatham. BEST BREAKY EVER! Can you say sweet potato hash?!

Dying to go to the Pickle Jar in Falmouth...

Bradford's Natural Market

Obsessed with Bradfords Natural Market hot bar in Provincetown!!!!!

Terra Luna in Truro. Such a cool spot and super fresh food with an eclectic spin! (and where I did the photo shoot on the day I met my love!)

Crisp in Osterville has the best fancy flatbreads around with a farm to table approach.

Eartlhy Delights in Osterville is always a standby. Great, healthy food with a funky vibe!!

We can't wait to try the new farm to table restaurant in our neighborhood, which took over the old Box Office Cafe ~ The Talkative Pig in Chatham. (interesting name, but looks like it should be good!)

That's it for now...I'm sure I'm missing some, but those are what come to mind and where we've been frequenting lately.

Hit some, or all of them. You won't be disappointed! For more restaurant reviews, click here and for more about Cape Cod Love, check out this post.


Reviews & Rec's: An Herbalist's Creations

Pitta SpicingThis is a shout-out to my Ayurvedic Practitioner on Cape Cod. I've talked about my little healer angel friend Julie Wardwell of Chalice Wellness who has guided me in seasonal cleansing in previous posts, but what I haven't mentioned is that in addition to giving consultations for your health, she's also a little artist behind the scenes whipping up all sorts of herbal concoctions! Abyhangha OilOne of my most favorite self care routines is doing an abyhanga (means self love oil) massage at night. It grounds and relaxes me which is something I desperately need each day! This last batch of her Vata/Pitta oil she made for me is out of this world amazing!!! Once you try it, you'll know what I'm talking about!! (The label has faded due to heating up the oil in hot water).

I've also purchased a customized Pitta seasoning blend for cooking, a tri-doshic tea to relax me at night, and herbal supplements.

Tri-Doshic TeaWhat a little gift to the Cape Cod Community she is! There are many places to purchase these ayurvedic goodies, but why not support your local artisans who create such beautiful products with heart centered intentions!

Find here and like her here. Om Shanti, Julie!



CommUNITY Centered

You know the old saying, "You never know what you have until you've lost it", or the saying, "distance makes the heart grow fonder?", or, "the grass is always greener on the other side"? All of which, unfortunately, connect to not realizing how good we have it when we have it, right? As much as I realized how special my time on Cape Cod was this past year, I am even more appreciative now that I'm settling into my L.A. groove again. Cape Cod is a very special place that I hold near and dear to my heart. <3

Isn't it such a funny dynamic when things are exactly the same, and at the same time, completely different? I grew up on Cape Cod but left to experience the south went I went off to college in South Carolina. After graduating, I went back to the Cape for what I thought would be 'just a summer', until that turned into 3 years. After which, I knew it was time to head west. I stayed in L.A. for 4 years and when I came back to the Cape this past year, nothing had changed, yet everything was different!

Many of my childhood friends were still around, as well as my family, but the life that I knew before leaving, was non existent--I had changed. I had know idea just how significantly this would impact my experience being back on Cape Cod! It took awhile before realizing that I needed to get out, and create a renewed way of living there, probably because I only planned on staying for 'a summer'. Check out my bliss from that summer in this post:

Apparently a "summer on Cape Cod" is not enough for me. Cape Cod has a way of grabbing hold of my soul, so that I can continue to discover myself and grow.

It is with great pride and joy that I share with you my love for Cape Cod. It's a beautiful place with beautiful people and discoveries to be made. The community that I became a part of was such a gift that I am eternally grateful for!

Community is essential to our livelihood and fulfillment. Do you have one? I hope I can inspire you to make an intention to connect with yours, by showing you what supported me these past 14 months.

I finally felt like I was at home when I discovered Power Yoga of Cape Cod in Harwich, MA. I heard first mention of it when I was buying clothes at the Lululemon in Hingham, in the South Shore. The sales woman told me that the owner, Jill Abraham, was an amazing teacher and that I should check out one of her classes! I made a note, but it probably took about 6 months before I made my way down Cape to do so.

That one class changed everything for me. I felt for the first time, that that is where I was supposed to be. Because of that yoga studio, I made some wonderful friends and started having some fun too!

Pics from 'Wanderlusting' in VT this summer!IMG_4044IMG_4045

My life wouldn't have been complete without my Naam Yoga Cape Cod community either! The Cape is blessed with some beautiful Naamie's! One of which holds weekly classes in her studio at home in West Barnstable. Her name is Michele Damelio. She and her community are doing some amazing heart centered, healing events! The Sound Healing Events were Naamazing!

What would I do without Cape Cod Natural Foods in Centerville!? Or the other Natural Foods Markets in Dennisport and Chatham?! People are always complaining about the fact that we don't have a Whole Foods yet, but you can get all that, and more, at these mom and pops shops, my friends! There may not be a deli, but Dennisport has a smoothie and juice bar! Not to mention, it's across the street from Power Yoga Cape Cod's newly opened second studio!

I also would have been lost without my dear friend and mentor, Patricia Schlehueber of Works of Art Healing. Her bright light is blessing the Cape everywhere she goes! She is a wealth of Divine Spiritual Wisdom as well as an intuitive healer. Our Common Ground dates were the highlights of my time there! I love you Patricia! xoxo


Which brings me to my next love--The Common Ground Cafe on Main St. in Hyannis. What a great little quirky community with healthy meals, smoothies, juices and teas. It's always been my favorite--those yerba mate tea's are the best! Along with Earthly Delights in Osterville--Tom is a trip! The Tempeh Reuben sandwich is heavenly, and they have plenty of vegan treats and eats on the daily! And finally, we have our very own vegan restaurant on Main St. in Hyannis! Thank you to Nate for opening the first and only one of it's kind--a raw, vegan, gluten free and vegetarian cafe--The Green Lotus Cafe! His menu is definitely evolving and is a buzzing place to be, to enjoy yummy, healthy food!

Looking for fun? For local events? For creating a strong network of fresh, young energy? Thank God for Love Live Local and the girls behind that incredible vision! Jen Villa, Amanda Converse and Kate Sheehan, you girls rock!

The Cape is blessed with many yogis and healers, one of which is a delightful woman who is an Ayurvedic Pracitioner in Dennis. Her name is Julie Wardwell of Chalice Wellness. She brought my body back to balance and restored my health through the healing practices of Ayurveda.

I think it's safe to say, that with these few mentions, you have all the info you need to create a great life on Cape Cod, whether it's permanent or temporary. This one's for you Mary Catherine Starr and Ben Veneria--the newest members to Cape Cod :)

Cape Cod is always in my heart and I hope it opens yours too, if it hasn't already.

Remember, "Wherever you go, there you are." Make it a priority to get involved in a community that supports and sustains your livelihood!

What do you like to do? Reach out and make connections with whatever makes you happy!

In health and happiness,